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  1. mikedotd

    2035: California Gasoline Powered Car Phase-Out

    Some data points on the cost of ownership of two different Tesla's at 400k and 100k miles: 2016 Model X maintenance and charging costs after 400k: $29,000 - 2018 Model 3 Long Range maintenance and charging costs...
  2. mikedotd

    integration with "stand-alone" radar detectors?

    @green FWIW I played around with the same idea of using a phone's mic to pickup RD beeps, and at least for me it seemed possible to detect the specific frequencies that are used on Escort and V1's for each band (obviously no other encoded info), even in a moving car with the radio playing. That...
  3. mikedotd

    V1G2 Impression. (used it for 2 weeks)

    Yeah, I miss the volume knob and mute slider too, but it's been speculated that it was difficult to find a supplier for that 1 off knob and in Mike Valentine's interview with Vortex, he specifically mentioned that they got so many calls from customers who didn't understand what the mute volume...
  4. mikedotd

    MX-5 Miata slow?

    Car and Driver says 5.4 seconds 0-60 MPH, which sounds right given it's 4400lb curb weight. Still quick, but that 1 second difference is quite a bit.
  5. mikedotd

    finally got one

    Yeah the V1G2 still scans the entire super-wide band even with custom frequencies enabled. It just limits which frequencies it alerts to. No performance benefits to CF, just additional filtering.
  6. mikedotd

    MX-5 Miata slow?

    Yeah, the stigma that the MX-5 is slow really doesn't hold up anymore with the ND generation. The ND2 has similar 0-60 and 1/4 times to a same year VW GTI, which are both considered quick but not fast cars. I test drove an RF GT-S last year and would have pulled the trigger if the interior...
  7. mikedotd

    V1G2 quick heads up

    My V1G2 also starts with the ignition everytime (although I'm using a savvy unit for power in the OBDII port). The V1G2 is also supposed to have an integrated BOB (Brown Out Booster) for unsteady ACC power. My car also has push button ignition and start/stop. Thee V1G2 will power-cycle with...
  8. mikedotd

    This thing is sooo quiet

    Ok, so you want a unicorn radar detector that doesn't exist, and for some reason you spend your time incessantly posting in the V1 section your dissatisfaction with VR and the V1G2, which you had a short amount of time with and don't own, because it's not the unicorn you expected. We get it...
  9. mikedotd

    HW1 & HW2 --> HW4 CPU Upgrade Pricing

    :ughh: Apparently I've forgotten how to count the months in the year. Sorry for the stupid question.
  10. mikedotd

    HW1 & HW2 --> HW4 CPU Upgrade Pricing

    Looking at my records, I ordered mine 6/5/2015 from Is there 100% certainty that all shipments from 6/1/2015 onward are still supported? I certainly don't doubt you, I just want to make sure I'm OK since it was so close to my purchase date.
  11. mikedotd

    Learning the VIP (Internals)

    USB 2 (type B) appears to only have 4 pins: Pin Name Direction Color Description 1 V+ red +5 V power 2 D- «—» white Data - 3 D+ «—» green Data + 4 GND black Ground Reading up on rs232 it looks like there's a minimal 3-wire implementation and 5-wire so Stinger must be using a...
  12. mikedotd

    Learning the VIP (Internals)

    Has anyone figured out the physical interface to the HD antenna, beyond it being a non-standard USB cable? The idea of putting a RPI behind my HD is interesting.
  13. mikedotd

    Firmware and Escort Live/iRadar updates for MAX 3, MAX 360, and MAX 360c

    Yeah, I noticed that too on my Max360.
  14. mikedotd

    Does it pay to send the max2 in for service?

    Before you send it in or upgrade, make sure you have the latest firmware and do a factory reset by holding down Mark and BRT while powering the Max2 on to clear any bit rot that might be in there. You'll have to reconfigure your settings but it might help. Your GPS lockouts will remain. Also...
  15. mikedotd

    Firmware and Escort Live/iRadar updates for MAX 3, MAX 360, and MAX 360c

    I used Detector Tools Pro on Windows to update my "79" serial number Max360 to v1.13. In the settings I see the "K Notch" option now. I also updated Escort Live on my Android phone to v3.1.60. When I connect to the Max360 and go into Settings | Radar Detector Settings in Escort Live, I do not...
  16. mikedotd

    V1 G2 flicker and clicking

    I love hearing these stories about Mike V answering the phone when the queues are high, and that their engineers are also talking to customers about their V1 experiences "in the field". It shows that there's a complete cycle of information happening between the business owner, the engineers who...
  17. mikedotd

    Will Theia’s onboard computer become outdated and is a phone platform more viable?

    Eh, the Escort Max/Max2/Max360(c) all used an FPGA starting in 2013. Unfortunately it took Escort like 4 years to figure out how to use it after the engineer that programmed the FPGA on the original Max left the company, but the hardware is there. Then there's the V1G2 and it's FPGA, which is...
  18. mikedotd

    Rethinking L Mode

    Ka-guard is primarily to reject "junk" Ka signals from leaky RD's that generate 3rd harmonics inside of Ka-band. Ka POP does a scan of 33.8GHz (150MHz+- ish) every 67ms to catch MPH POP radar guns, which can also easily detect leaky RD's. So turning off Ka POP and leaving Ka-guard on should be...
  19. mikedotd

    35.5 zingers this morning

    Initially (v4.1018) I ran in l (logic) mode with no CF and a physical savvy unit set to 30MPH and still experienced both K and Ka "ghosting" at different points. Now (v4.1019) I'm running CF's and on the bench I can easily cause a single radar gun to appear as multiple bogies. I haven't seen...
  20. mikedotd

    What is a great used first car?

    I'd also say a Toyota, Honda, or Mazda 4cyl. They're going to be the most reliable and affordable to maintain cars. Japanese cars in general tend to be good, but in this case I would stay away from Mitsubishi, Nissan, and Subaru. Avoid anything with a CVT transmission which are short lived...