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  1. if6ws9

    New phone, Escort Live app won't open

    I got a new Android phone, installed the Escort Live app but it won't open past the splash screen. I've deleted the app and rebooted but had the same result. any suggestions?
  2. if6ws9

    Bluetooth power management

    I'm soooo tired of having to reconnect my Bluetooth speaker to my Laptop! After 15 minutes my Bose SoundTouch 10 wireless speaker disconnects from my Lenovo IdeaPad S940 and I have to reconnect it. I've tried disabling, "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" in the Device...
  3. if6ws9

    KA 33.637?

    For years I segmented my original Redline 2/5/8 and never had a problem but I've been running KA wide in my my RL 360c to be sure, before segmenting it, about which frequencies are currently in use in my area. Traveling south on U.S. 19 in Clearwater, Fl. yesterday my RL 360c gave me an alert...
  4. if6ws9

    Is the Redline 360c too complicated?

    I was talking to a friend about the RL 360c, he recently got a speeding ticket. As I was explaining the settings I could see his eyes start to glaze over and I hadn’t yet got to the point of segmentation. I wasn't even going to get into band widths, updates, what to do if something odd occurs...
  5. if6ws9

    How close does a car have to be before a radar gun can get a reading?

    I'm guessing it varies by band but approximately, what is the distance from a radar gun before it can get a reading?
  6. if6ws9

    RL 360c off backorder

    It looks as if the RL 360c is no longer on backorder.
  7. if6ws9

    To seg or not to seg, that is the question.

    I was reading a few posts on a different forum in which it was explained that it isn't necessary to segment modern, digital, detectors. With analog detectors, like the Redline O, segmenting the KA bands was very beneficial with extending its range but with detectors like the RL 360c, having all...
  8. if6ws9

    It looks like the RL 360c is going to take me some getting used to...

    Just a couple of quick observations on my new Redline 360c. After using the original Redline for so many years, I became accustomed to a really bright LED display, the display on the RL 360c isn't as bright and that's going to take some getting used to. Also, the volume on the RL 360c isn't...
  9. if6ws9

    Trouble updating RL 360c to firmware 1.4

    I received my RL 360c today and the firmware is 1.3, I tried several times to update it to 1.4 but kept getting a connection failure message.
  10. if6ws9

    RL 360c delivered.... to the wrong address!!!

    FedEx tracking indicated that my Escort Redline 360c was delivered to my front door at 10:58 this morning, I checked but no package. I tried calling FedEx CS and if you think Escort's CS is bad, let me just say that I hope you never need to talk to a live person at FedEx! I checked the front...
  11. if6ws9

    RL 360c shipping update

    I just received notice that the RL 360c which I ordered on 8/19/20 has shipped. That's almost two weeks earlier than expected (week of 8/20). But when I attempted to use the tracking number, I got the following notice on the The FedEx site: "This tracking number cannot be found". It's probably...
  12. if6ws9

    Veil doesn't apply to an 09 Audi A4

    I used first Veil on my Volvo a few years ago and it applied perfectly but when recently tried it on my Audi it came out like this (see pic below). I tried every type of application brush and two different air brush devices but I couldn't get it to apply properly. I used nearly a whole jar of...
  13. if6ws9


    Hi, my name is Gene, I live in Florida and drive a modified 2009 Audi A4. I own a 8500 X50 a Redline and ZR4. I've loaned my X50 to a neighbor and I use the Redline and ZR4 shifters (both hardwired) in my A4.