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  1. Vancity23

    Feature request for benzr

    Had to move this to a Theia thread so we dont get in trouble from the mods saying, get back on topic.... Thread was suggesting that Benzr’s posts are sometimes graphic, colourful, wordy (is that a word?) and sometimes uses emojis. Question was asked with Theia expected to be so quiet, how do we...
  2. Vancity23

    R7 FW 133.141.113 - Menu Navigating

    So just did the update, (Windows 10) flawless fast and easy. However, and I do like the Expert menu option, but with so many settings (a good thing) I did find it a challenge scrolling through the menu options and trying to make changes, and if you are not quick enough, it will escape out of...
  3. Vancity23

    R7 RLC Update

    Saw this posted by Uniden 10/6... is it old news now?
  4. Vancity23

    Staten Is NY Massive Proliferation of Speed Cams
  5. Vancity23

    Jag any news from Tmg?

    Any news you can share? Being pretty quiet for some time...
  6. Vancity23

    Do vertical heads need to be at 90 degrees

    On my BMW M2 I have my two lower heads mounted horizontally and my centre head vertical. This setup was used well on other BMW’s. If I mounted them higher near the headlights and they were vertical on each side, do they need to be at 90degrees? The kidney grills are not and just saw this Alp...
  7. Vancity23

    What RD weighs the most, Redline360c or R7 or V1g2

    If you saw Vortex’s live stream you know the answer but if not, dont look and just give your best guess. This is with mounting bracket on. Hearing the R7 is cheap and poor quality.
  8. Vancity23

    Apple First US Company Valued at $2Trill

  9. Vancity23

    Will Theia’s onboard computer become outdated and is a phone platform more viable?

    This was posted in another thread and they are good questions; “It also seems possible to me that Theia will be great for the first 2 years then the computer part of the system becomes outdated due to the inevitable march of technology. If you could find a way to utilize the phone platform...
  10. Vancity23

    Mobile phone detection cameras are coming

    Heads up;
  11. Vancity23


    Rob, how do you eliminate Theia as vaporware? (see other threads for reference)
  12. Vancity23

    Edmonton to phase out photo radar?

    There must be a terrible mistake...
  13. Vancity23

    Manitoba case goes to court

    This will be interesting....
  14. Vancity23

    Wireless System any comments on reliability

    Wonder if anyone is using their BT wireless system for LJ’s? If anyone is, just curious about any reliability issues, water or heat (if mounted in engine bay) issues? Connectivity issues? Not having to run wires through the firewall is a real bonus but does it come at a cost?
  15. Vancity23

    Couldn't fund costs without Red Light Camera Revenue

    Scroll to the last paragraph. Funny, I dont see any reference to,-but-hard-decisions-loom/
  16. Vancity23

    Speed Camera Problems
  17. Vancity23

    Happy July 4th!

    Have a great July 4th and be safe!
  18. Vancity23

    Happy Canada Day!

    Happy Canada Day to all our Canadian members. We are a very proud country of 153yrs young. Enjoy the day and appreciate the great country we live in!
  19. Vancity23 Comments on Theia

    Posting this link and I am sure Jon and team have seen it...Check out the first post from Michael Valentine and Rocky
  20. Vancity23

    Ontario Motorcycle gets away from Leo