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  1. mikedotd

    MA State Police issue 11 citations for 90+ miles per hour on Friday I've only been on the pike once the past 8 weeks, 10 days ago going from the Worcester area to the Springfield area. Not a lot of cars, a bunch of work trucks and van's, and...
  2. mikedotd

    New RDForum Android app: Access Denied

    For a couple days now I haven't been able to use the RDForum mobile app on Android. Here's a screenshot of what happens when I open the app:
  3. mikedotd

    V1 Gen2 implemented patents

    Oh baby! I looked up some of those patents visible on the label @LukeWes posted here: 9658319 - High probability of intercept radar detector So we got the FPGA design focused on detecting CW police radar with the 2ms scan of all 4...
  4. mikedotd

    Complete suggestion on deleted posts and follow up notifications

    @LouG apparently had a post of his deleted for trolling and mentioned it here: I believe it was the sarcastic post about MV gladly releasing firmware to the public to upload themselves and your comment of "in 2 weeks" that were...
  5. mikedotd

    Question for Redline EX owners

    I've been running a Redline EX that shipped with firmware v1.14 for 3 days now. I've had 2 legit K band saves including 1 today, and the usual BSM falses from Pacifica's and Honda's. K band is definitely working. Settings are X band off, Highway mode, cruise alert set to 30 MPH, GPS enabled...
  6. mikedotd

    Northeast radar testing

    Anyone interested in trying to organize some radar testing in the Northeast? My first choice would be the New England area but I'm also willing to travel to NY/NJ and possibly further. I currently own a Stalker DSR 2X (and Bushnell, if that counts) and the following RD's: * 8500x50 (heh) * V1...
  7. mikedotd

    Sutton MA now has lidar

    Today I got hit by lidar from a local LEO setup under the bridge where MA-146 and Purgatory Road intersect. Unfortunately I only have my V1 in my new car so I'm not sure what they're using and no dashcam footage. This is the first time I've seen a local with lidar in MA, and the first time...
  8. mikedotd

    "Street testing fiber laser" - May 07, 2019

    Stinger just started emailing out fiber laser promotional "testing results": STREET TESTING FIBER LASER I don't think any RDF members attended this testing, and who knows what grade firmware that DE had. Hopefully we see some member testing of this system, I'm curious if they've really figured...
  9. mikedotd

    Truspeed LR voice announcement question

    Today I was hit by what appeared to be a "gun" style lidar unit, not binocular style, but the voice alert was "Truspeed S". Does anyone know if the S and LR have the same pulse pattern and if the ALP uses the same voice announcement for both?
  10. mikedotd

    35.900GHz signals

    Has anyone else experienced alerts at 35.9GHz? About a month ago I started running my Uniden R3 after the latest update and noticed it was picking up 35.9 about a block outside the parking garage I use in the city. Fortunately the R3 can now lockout Ka band, so no big deal. A few weeks later...
  11. mikedotd

    Max II Platinum

    Looks like Escort has brought back the Max II at a better ($399) price point: ESCORT MAX II Platinum I've been happy with my original Max and Max360 running the latest firmware. They're not range leaders, but they're great set it and forget it units due to their...
  12. mikedotd

    Late to the party: A short-term review of the original NetRadar

    2 weeks ago I picked up a new but grey market NetRadar and RG3 off ebay to add to my ALP system and try out the radar integration. Installation was easy, the RG3 has a "piggyback" power cord that you connect inline with the ALP control box's power (or optionally direct wiring or a 12v cigarette...
  13. mikedotd

    MA SP selective IO

    Careful out there. I was following the white WRX STi down 146 when we encountered this guy selectively IO'ing traffic after the hill.
  14. mikedotd

    Thinking about signing up for HPDE class, maybe track afterward

    I'm thinking about signing up for a HPDE class at a track near me, has anyone here taken a class like this before? Anyone doing track days? I'm thinking it would be fun to get some performance training in my own car, and if I like it maybe work on a track focused project car. From what I'm...
  15. mikedotd

    Suggestions for a weekend project car...

    I want something fun and visceral for the non-winter weekends. I'm thinking slow car fast, something that I can actually explore the limits of and make it a project to improve and mod, along with learning how to better drive it at the limits. My current car doesn't have a sunroof and I really...
  16. mikedotd

    Max2 firmware v1.8

    It looks like the Max2 got an update too, but still no word on what the changes are. The original Max is still at v1.11. I'll speculate it added ZR5/ZW5 support like the Max360/c saw.
  17. mikedotd

    ALP head buzzes when firing

    I'm getting ready to uninstall my Stinger VIP laser system and replace it with an ALP triple front setup that I had previously used (to great success!) on a different car. While testing the triple front configuration on my bench prior to install, I discovered one of the heads emits a buzzing...
  18. mikedotd

    Western MA K-band

    Yesterday I was heading westbound on the Pike near Chicopee when I caught an approaching MA SP pulling someone over in the opposite direction. What really caught my attention was that the trooper stopped transmitting during the chase, prior to the pullover. So heads up in that area for K-band...
  19. mikedotd

    Uniden R Series SW Download Tool V1.21 never connects

    This is my first time trying to update the firmware on my R3. I downloaded the zip file here: Would you like the R Series new 1.36 FW (early release to RDF)? Unzipped the contents, ran "Uniden R Series SW Download Tool V1.21_x86_x64.msi" as Administrator and installed it, then...
  20. mikedotd

    2 years with the Stinger VIP - A longterm review

    In early 2016 I decided to purchase a Stinger VIP with 1 front antenna to replace my Beltronics STiR-Plus. At the time car BSM systems were becoming more and more common and the custom installed radar detectors available like the Escort 9500ci and it's cousin the Beltronics STiR-Plus just...