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    So tired of Left Lane Hogs (LLH)

    Inter car communication system. lol. This is an ongoing, 10 year plus running joke I have going with my wife. I constantly complain about LLH and when she is in the car, I first joked that we should have the previously mentioned ICCS in every car. So that we can shout loudly to each other...
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    Expected release date for Theia?

    The quietness does the opposite for me. Makes it feel like we'll get info any day. At this point they can't tell us much more without releasing all of the details and we know that will happen during pre order. I'd wager we'll know more within two weeks. For real two weeks too! IMHO of course.
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    Gonna get caught

    Welcome to RDF! I would also recommend ALPs with a windshield mount.
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    Welcome to RDF!
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    Welcome to RDF!
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    Valentine one Gen1 Won't power on

    Ouch, sounds like it may be toast. Were you perhaps considering upgrading to the V1G2? If so, this could be a good excuse. Repair could be an option although I'm not real familiar with out of warranty repair work with Valentine. I'm sure others are.
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    Welcome to the forums!
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    Announcement Lifetime Premium Members Update!

    Sounds like they have that covered with Premium Plus.
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    Announcement Lifetime Premium Members Update!

    That's a ton of cash for a forum. I had no idea. Thank you all for all that you do, we are very fortunate. Now, how about a premium plus lifetime badge! LIfetime Premium Super Plus!
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    Expected release date for Theia?

    Looks like I originally voted 4th quarter. Damn, why couldn't this have had money on the line!
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    Hello I am Bill

    We've got several members here from Indiana including me. Welcome to the forums!
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    Hey all - Kiwi In the house :)

    Welcome to the forums!
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    Mac updates for Theia

    True but delays are still ongoing and in many cases far worse than just a few months ago.
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    Mac updates for Theia

    A delay would be very understandable with the Rona and all. I'd wager that it'll be out though.
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    The electronics smoke tester!

    I doubt it. If you decide to purchase a new one it may be a good time to consider going hardwire.
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    INFO Lifetime Premium Members who aren't Lifetime Premium Members...

    I think two weeks was intentional. Now we are all confused. lol
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    Between Lack of Driving with COVID and iPhone 12 does it make sense?

    Jeez, what kind of info do you guys store on your phones? It's not just porn? You do have the option to not use face id.
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    Between Lack of Driving with COVID and iPhone 12 does it make sense?

    I believe you aren't asking if the Iphone is worth it right? You've made the decision to upgrade there and now the question is with that large purchase, is the expense added to that worth it? Seems some in this thread have interpreted this or it could easily be me who is mistaken. Regardless...
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    What is the first thing you want to do with your new Theia!??

    Why? It's a fun time and we are all excited but the team at Radenso have said hundreds of times they will release info to us when they can/see fit. They have competitors to worry about and providing us with FCC paperwork I'd imagine is pretty low on the priority list. We are super close now...
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    Question around first batch of Theia

    Psh, you obviously haven't seen the bourbon collection.