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  1. JJ McClure

    Are we going to ever have a NH/MA meet any time soon?

    Great idea. I'd be up for it if the date worked but my schedule is notoriously lousy. However, I was 'tested' several times this weekend on I91 in MA without issue. :)
  2. JJ McClure

    Not about revenue, eh?

    Having made 'donations' in several NY towns, it seems pretty clear there's a revenue incentive. Does anyone know who gets the revenue from tickets in New England states? I was under the impression in CT it goes to the state, which reduces would eliminate the incentive for towns to enforce...
  3. JJ McClure

    RD recommendation with high spousal approval factor

    Thanks everyone. Ordered a Radenso XP. It seems to balance her needs and my needs reasonably well. Haven't played with a Radenso before, so I'm looking forward to it.
  4. JJ McClure

    RD recommendation with high spousal approval factor

    My wife tends not to drive quickly around town, but when we take longer trips she usually prefers to stick me at the wheel. I dutifully tote my V1 from my car to hers and off we go. I convinced her this year to let me install some ALPs (triple front installation with HiFi for daily use and...
  5. JJ McClure

    Laser Jammer Identification

    I approve. :D. And Stage 2? Damn....
  6. JJ McClure

    Just got an email from Radar Roy

    Wow. Bad taste and unethical all in one.
  7. JJ McClure

    My current Stinger Laser experiences

    Great videos. Very encouraging. I agree with your two points on notification. The sound is cheesy and not nearly terrifying enough. :D The visual notification for the AutoJTK is tough to see, especially if you have the display mounted somewhere not directly in your line of sight.
  8. JJ McClure

    My current Stinger Laser experiences

    That's outstanding. This is great learning, and thank you for sharing it. I've personally wondered if the 'spread' for lack of a better word on the fibers might be narrow. As a complete aside, I also worry that they could be completely obstructed by a single bug impact! Maybe the squares...
  9. JJ McClure

    Stinger fiber testing comparison

    Vortex, any information on your conclusions? Over the past few months, various people have posted comments about the Stinger LIDAR performance, both positive and negative, but I haven't found much if any independent results. I want to pull the trigger on one of these systems, but the...
  10. JJ McClure

    Greetings from Northeast TN

    Welcome tsumeone. Lots of great info here-- you've come to the right place.
  11. JJ McClure

    Decisions, decisions - can you help me decide?

    I approve of this message. :)
  12. JJ McClure

    I95 Northbound Westport CT laser trap

    so fitting. ;)
  13. JJ McClure

    I95 Northbound Westport CT laser trap

    Don't see this often in this area so I thought it worth sharing. Today the CT troopers set up a car firing LIDAR from the overpass at exit 18 northbound. They had two chase cars waiting down the road for customers. Not a tactic they use here I so I thought it noteworthy. Hapoy Memorial Day. ;)
  14. JJ McClure

    New Member from Phoenix

    Welcome Terry!
  15. JJ McClure

    Recommendation request

    I was told by my dealer that installing a RD in a leased vehicle was not a problem because it increased the value of the car. Not all dealers might agree, and it might not be true for a bad installation. I suspect, though, that needing to drive in Canada rules out a permanently installed RD...
  16. JJ McClure

    Camaro SS ALP triple install

    Re: 2016 Camaro SS ALP dual install Have driven for years without a front plate in the states you're referring to and never got a second look. If they bother you for the plate, it's because you got their attention for other reasons. My dealer didn't even ask if I wanted it or not-- they just...
  17. JJ McClure

    Remote RD Comparisons

    This thread is pure gold to someone (me) in the process of deciding on a comprehensive CM suite for a new car. Thank you. I don't think you can underestimate the importance of simplicity. I suspect that the people on this site aren't in the 20%-- they're in the upper 10% of the 5% who bother to...
  18. JJ McClure

    Stinger Rear Antenna Question.

    Yikes... 60mph/100kh is 28 m/s. That means you have 4-5 seconds from initial detection to passing the gun, and detection range is likely less than that.
  19. JJ McClure

    Remote RD Comparisons

    Awesome summary, and the referenced laser thread is a great complement. Thanks Vortex