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  1. benjiman0

    New Genevo Pro II stealth radar detector

    Hi all, On the follow up to the Genevo Pro, which was received very well here in New Zealand and has shown to be a great performer, Genevo have continued to see the gap in the market for RedFlex detection and have followed up from the Genevo Pro with the new Genevo Pro II. In NZ, we will...
  2. benjiman0

    Uniden R7 confirmed to K band 23.900 MHz

    @8:45 for reference With the Uniden R7 confirmed for being able to stretch to the current range of Redflex mobile and static cameras (The R7 will detect as low as 23.900 MHz), I can now safely say I will be picking one up when I can as I'd love to see how sensitive they will be against the...
  3. benjiman0

    New Zealand/South Island Installer of radar

    Hi guys, Thought I'd throw my name in the RDF Talent Agency, I know I'm new here, however I have a fair amount of experience working with stealth installed and windshield mounted radar systems. Have done everything from the basic hardwire lead through to custom Stinger VIP with fibre optic...
  4. benjiman0

    Yeah nah gidday

    So uh yeah, I'm Ben, typical kiwi, can't speak the good Queen's english for the life of me, and generally end sentences with either chur, bro, mate, or the something along those lines. Mainly got onto this forum to check out some of the handy tricks and such on becoming a better radar user and...