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    PA and MRCD/T?

    What's the deal with MRCD in PA? I went skiing yesterday and and on my way to the resort, I picked up MRCD/T once. I'm just going to call it MRCD since that's how the R7 reports. On my way back It alerted 4 times. I took the same route to and from, only a slight detour to get something to...
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    R7 FW 1.29 K band (BSM) falses?

    I'm starting this thread because the other one is all over the place on what people are seeing or what changes they might want. With this, I'd like to speak just to K band falses.. Not sure what's going on but it seems Uniden may have added something to K band falses. I'm seeing next to...
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    R7 and mute memory

    Maybe I'm mistaken so I'm asking based on an experience from today. I'm following a leo running 24.167. We drive past a spot that I have set for mute memory. Now here the thing. I thought mute memory had a radius. I thought once you drove out of that radius, even if it's the same...
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    R7 single cup mount

    I decided to try the single cup mount and had it in my car for a week... When I went to remove it, the rubber cup had gone soft, like it was melting and was almost gooey. Has anyone else had this happen? Made me feel like if I had left it there another week, it would have permanently been...
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    K band 24.100 - what's the source?

    I've been picking up 24.100 on my Uniden ever since I switched the firmware on my R3 to 1.48 from 1.37. I get it on my R7 too. At 1st it was really infrequent, but now, I'm seeing it almost every other day.. sometimes multiple times in a day. My problem is, I can't figure out what the source...
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    WTH... Honda looks to be the most American branded car.

    Look at how many vehicles Honda has... Ford's only got one, what a shame.
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    Got my 1st taste of a leaky detector.

    This is my 1sr experience with a leaky detector, which I suspect was a Cobra.. OMG.. it fooled me good. So I'm driving down I95 and I get a hit on ka 34.437.. about 2 miles down, i know the Leo's like to sit there and they're marked on Waze. This is while I'm going under a bridge. It's not...
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    It's June...

    Ok.. if I remember correctly, isn't it this month people were speculating that Uniden would update the firmware to unlock the auto lockouts? Assuming my memory is decent, anyone heard anything? BTW, I know auto lockouts are important to many, but for me, it doesn't matter. I'm more...
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    I want K narrow to top out @ 24.195..

    I don't know what's going on but K block is starting to feel like no block. This past week, I feel like every bsm false, outside of Mazda is in the K block range... Ok there were a few around 24.160.. but the vast majority have been where K block should have been filtering them out. Is...
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    R7 - low battery warning?

    Not sure if it's the car or what, but the R7 with the battery warning turned on, I always get a low battery warning in my BMW. I tested the battery and it's fine. When moved the R7 to my diesel pickup or my Camry, I don't get this warning... I checked the BMW with my R3 and I don't get the...
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    R7 display dim?

    During the day, I'm having a heck of a time looking at the display on the R7, this is even compared to my burned-in faded R3. I can still read my R3, but the R7... It's like the dim setting on the R3, had to see in the light. Anyone else seeing the same issue?
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    @#@&$! HF Tire plug

    So yesterday, I picked up a nail, and pulled in to HF to pick up a tire repair kit. I didn't do the repair there. I just figured I'd do it when I got home, if the tire held enough air. Which it did. Today, I go to plug the tire.. 1st I notie the reamer was a bit thinner than ones I've used...
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    R7 GPS error?

    The 1st day I got it.. which is just a few days ago, I got a GPS error. So far, I've had it everyday, but today takes the cake.. 3 times so far.. a restart fixes it, but this shouldn't be happening. I don't think I ever had a GPS error on the R3, maybe one? At least, when the R7 boots...
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    MRDC on Rt 40 Ellicott City?

    Over the weekend, I was coming from Marriottsville towards Baltimore on Rt 40. about a mile before I got to the ramp for 29, my R3 alerted to MRCD. It had good range too. I didn't see any RLC and only saw a box with a solar panel in the median. It didn't come up in WAZE, and there must have...
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    Why do the Japanese do this with rotors?

    I noticed this years ago.. The Japanese cars I've done brake work on always have a threaded hole in the rotor to make removal very easy. American cars.... not so much. Why don't all manufactures do this? I'm asking because just today.. I replaced the rear rotors on my Camry, which has almost...
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    Any detectors have power on their USB plug?

    I'm asking the question because I'm thinking... and it might only be possible if they went to USB C ... that if they did have power, one would only need to power the RD then drive a dashcam off the RD's usb port.
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    I say the R3 does pick up Laser scatter...

    This morning on my way to work, I picked up some laser. I say it's scatter I picked up because I know this spot, and I couldn't see him for a few seconds and I was actually following pretty close to the car in front of me. MSP sits there on a daily bases, usually just using I/O Ka band. This...
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    R7 and BSM?

    Folks with the R7, How bad is the BSM falses with 2 horns? I'm a bit worried about this because I keep reading the filtering is the same as the R1/3. And if that's true, I'm thinking the false alerts are going to last about twice as long. So what do you guys say?
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    Mute Memory... What the?

    Let me start by saying when I updated to fw 1.48, I used the recovery option and after it was updated on my R3, I did a factory reset. Since then, my mute memory, hasn't worked. But something odd happened last night. Last night, driving home, I was behind a Honda... His BSM was setting off...
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    Power cord - would it be possible?

    I'm on my 2nd power cord for my R3 and the usb port on it has already broken... and I don't know why, but this thought just popped in my head. Would it be possible to make a cable that was RJ11 and USB A so you would use a USB car charger to power the detectors, or is the voltage wrong? If...