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    New Dash Cam - VAVA

    Received my new dashcam today.... thought of sharing the results with you guys. Its a VAVA- chinese brand but I think the results are great (nothing to compare with though, may be you can give input). Has an app which is basic but surves its purpose... has gps as well so over all i am really...
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    Jammer in IL

    Was looking to get jammers installed but its banned in IL. Need suggestions from experienced members who live in IL and have them. Kind of skeptical, what would be the fine?
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    Help setting up R7 for Chicago

    Hi, New to radars and to this forum.... though question has been answered but i would like to get specfic settings according to my area as I have no idea what kind of frequency cops use here. Would appreciate if you can give some information of that (if you are aware of it). Please find below my...
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    New R7 owner

    Hi Everyone, Its the first time I am buying any radar detector and looking forward to this journey. After watching Vertex videos decided to go with r7. Any tips would be highly appreciated.