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    Erasing records

    As I am still a newb with the app, can I erase the records history without affecting the learned performance of the app, or does it now start learning all over again?
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    False Laser from Google mapping vehicle??

    I was traveling on I-90 W this past Wednesday night and when I crossed the river into Albany,NY my V1 went totally bananas. The V1 driver app was repeating "Laser Alert front, Laser alert back" over and over, just like the robot from "Lost in Space" saying "Danger Will Robinson, Danger!" At...
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    1st time V1 Driver user

    So last night, I programmed my V1, first by using the tutorial from RadarVortex, and then downloaded V1 driver app. Took it for a short ride around town and so far, it is noticeably much quieter. So much so, I wonder if it is really working, lol! I'm looking forward to using it on a 100 mile...
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    Running V1 in background on I-phone

    I've been a plain vanilla user of the V1 for the past year and half now, and want to eventually get more performance out of it (program sweeps, false locations). The unit power is hardwired into my overhead console, and I run the unit clipped to the passenger visor, which works fine, but I...