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    Coming Soon.....

    For all the naysayers. Coming soon.
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    HW1 & HW2 --> HW4 CPU Upgrade Pricing

    We have adjusted the CPU Upgrade Sku to reflect this new pricing: HW1 -> HW4 = $149.95 HW2 -> HW4 = $139.95 HW1 or HW2 (Not Working) -> HW4 $189.95 HW4 CPU's will require a GPS Antenna ($59.95) but if you add a GPS antenna during the upgrade process it will only be billed at dealer cost of...
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    Discontinuing support for HW1 and some early HW2 CPU's (Approx 5+ Years Old)

    When updating firmware for updates engineering needs to create completely different firmware for each revision of CPU since there are minor hardware and memory changes across the various hardware platforms. Antilaser is going to discontinue new updates for the HW1 CPU's which are now over 7...
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    New Firmware Released 5.6.3/8.8

    Release 5.6.3/8.8. 1. Improved performance for North American Lidars 2. Bug-fixes and stability improvements. (Radar detector antenna, GPS)
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    Uniden R7 1.29 Firmware can be shared now (See attached)

    Enhancing MRCD detection range Rear Antenna Sensitivity Attenuation Narrow down the frequency range of Mute Memory function - X Band: 25MHz-> 10MHz, K Band: 30MHz -> 10MHz, Ka Band : 100MHz- > 20MHz If the main alert is locked out, the secondary alert becomes the main alert so users can lockout...
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    ALP Ownership Information

    Since I cant respond in other threads except for my own threads for the 1000th time I want to make it clear that ALP USA is owned by myself 100%, There are ZERO investors and the company has ZERO debt and the company owes noone anything so stop with the fake news rumors. Anti Laser Croatia...
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    In Progress Tag's not triggering alerts anymore?

    I noticed that tag's are not triggering alerts for me.... With the busy holiday season I cant visit as often as usual because I am so busy so I rely on alerts if I am tagged in something to bring my attention to it. I look on my alert page and I dont see any alerts from tag's. is everyone...
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    Vendor Restrictions are getting stupid!

    I cant even reply to users in the Uniden threads because I don't have access. In any case for those that keep asking I only received the last Beta from Uniden on 11/15 (I did report that on the Uniden thread before I lost access) and its only been 8 days and we have tested for a week and...
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    If we decided to make the NR DSP a stand alone cpu......

    If we decided to make the NR DSP a stand alone remote unit...... What would you want for a controller? What would you want for a display? What would you want for features? Just considering options for future products since we feel there is a market for a high performance budget stand alone...
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    ALP Firmware is stating to roll out 5.5.8/8.7

    For the most part this update is mostly focused on some 1. Stability improvements. 2. Bug fixes Everyone should run the update. Please note you might need to run a factory reset and reload your settings once again.... Sorry
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    Uniden R7 Sale Price $499.99 through the end of the year.

    Uniden has authorized a sale on the Uniden R7 through the end of the year at $499.99 Shipped.
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    ALP HW4 CPU Upgrade is now available

    Here is the new upgrade sku: AL Priority Control Unit CPU Upgrade HW1 Users the upgrade will cost $179.95 HW2 Users with CPU's out of warranty will cost $149.95 HW2 Users with CPU's still under the 2 year warranty will cost $129.95 For users with HW2 CPU's and no included radar there is really...
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    New Net Radar DSP Firmware 111.211

    Attached is the bin file for those that do not have BT and need to update their DSP antennas via USB. Important Benefits.... 1. Scan Time Improvements 2. MRCD Detection Distance Improvement
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    Complete Ignore Feature?

    Can you guys please re-institute the ignore feature? There are a few members that I would like to put back on ignore.
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    What is Assisted Radar Filter (ARF) on new HW4 CPU's?

    Assisted Radar Filter (ARF) is currently available on new HW4 CPU's but still has some issues on some smartphones running ALP Connect. This new option is only available on AL Priority HW4 Control Units paired with Net Radar, GPS antenna & BT Option - Holding the MUTE button in your ALP Connect...
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    New Net Radar DSP Firmware 111.207

    This is the new Pre-Release Version of Net Radar DSP Firmware 111.207 and I have been testing it and have not seen any issues. If all goes well and no issues arrise we will push it over BT for automatic updates next week. If anyone wants advanced access to the new firmware you can installed the...
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    New Setting for Poliscan Users

    On the config file there is a new setting for laser scanner devices for users that want to Jam laser scanners (Such as Poliscan) with unlimited time while keeping LID times for regular laser guns. Its already active is latest firmware so if anyone in a Poliscan area wants to enable that...
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    Office will be closed next week. No orders will ship next week

    Just a heads up that we are closing our office next week and heading to Europe. While I needed to make a trip to Croatia I decided to take everyone with us and also tag on a much needed vacation for everyone. All ALP USA orders placed after Noon Tomorrow (7/12) will not get fulfilled until we...
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    ALP Growing Pains?

    I keep seeing posted in forums how ALP had growing pains when released. Can someone please refresh me on the growing pains out the door that ALP experienced? If I remember correctly I held the product back for quite some time and it was released only in the US when it was ready. People are...
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    Uniden R7 Issues... Please no BS Just Issues Only Please!

    If you are using an R7 and you find any quirks please list them in this thread. Please don't post if you are not listing an issue. I just want a simple place where myself, the Beta Team and Uniden can see a list of all issues so they have a check list of issues to work through. Minor Issues...