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  1. Gothamnyc

    Hub Centric Spacers?

    Anyone have any experience with wheel spacers? Looking to add a set of aftermarket rims to the Maserati... Not a lot of all season tire options for the 20 inch wheels... I can get the continental DWS tires I like a lot in 19s but I will need to run spacer... Factory rears are 19x10 most quality...
  2. Gothamnyc

    Detail Cart

    Still tweaking this set up, the plan is to have a water line run to the garage and shelf mount the pressure washer at some point.. Until than I bolted a cox hose reel to a gladiator cart... Cart allows me to just wheel out of the garage the pressure washer with all the nozzles stored in the...
  3. Gothamnyc

    I need a 2 ohm sub! Any suggestions?

    So trunk space in the Maserati is no longer a concern... When I got the car we went with a JL XD700v2 good for 300 Watts on the sub ch at 2 ohms, paired with Hertz components throughout... Speakers have been great, we threw a small 8 inch JL Audio ported sub in (4ohm) just for some fill when I...
  4. Gothamnyc

    New Pressure Washer/ One of those days!

    So I got home from an extended vacation to a garage full of detailing supplies! New Kranzle pressure washer and all the accessories to get going! Was pumped, got up early, set everything up, taped all the fittings etc... Had all my supplies read for a deep, decontamination cleaning....Turn on...
  5. Gothamnyc

    Black Widow radar with built in "laser scrambler"

    What on earth! Currently listed on ebay lol...
  6. Gothamnyc

    I messed up my Waze Settings?

    For the life of me I can't figure out what I hit, did wrong etc... My waze on an iPhone 11 Max shows police on the screen but has stopped alerting verbally! Alerts to everything else... Looks like all the right things are checked off too...Any ideas?
  7. Gothamnyc

    South Florida Perspex and ALP dealers?

    So I have been trying to find someone in Florida that has done Perspex covers in the past for ALP's. I reached out to every dealer without much luck. Technicar in West Palm beach, replied yes they do Perspex but they will not get involved in "anyway, shape or form" with a car that has been...
  8. Gothamnyc

    Customized child safety seat!

    All this staying at home gave me way too much free time lol... My daughter's car seat was driving me nuts! I came across a real high end custom interior shop online and they were willing to tackle a different request! I am picking it up tomorrow but based off the before and after photo's I am...
  9. Gothamnyc

    Car Audio Advice???

    So it has been an interesting journey to say the least! I picked up a new Maserati in April and just before I decided to leave for Florida for a few months with the car, my installer friend said hey lets upgrade the sound system after we finished the radar/laser install... Didn't cost me much...
  10. Gothamnyc

    Chemical Decontamination

    Figured I would correct and than ceramic coat the Accord we leave in Florida over the next week so... Started with Gtechniq's Iron remover tonight. WOW!!! Not sure if it is the Florida rain, salt or tap water but but an insane amount fallout was present compared to what I am use to seeing...
  11. Gothamnyc

    Max 360ci Check SB

    Anyone not using the Escort laser shifters with the Max 360ci? Have you found a way to avoid getting "Check SB" errors? I am guessing it stands for shifter bridge? I have the laser features turned off in settings but it doesn't stop it. Thanks
  12. Gothamnyc

    Maserati Stereo Upgrades

    Just finishing up my ALP/Max360ci install and decided to upgrade the factory stereo too! Going with 2 sets of Hertz CPK Pro 165 component speakers, a temporary Bowers and Wilkins factory upgraded sub (I need all the trunk space I can have this summer) which will be replaced by a JL Audio 12...
  13. Gothamnyc

    South Florida Perspex installers???

    Not having a ton of luck in the NYC area, however heading down to South Florida (Boca Raton) for the next few months...Actually going to drive it this year! So if anyone knows of any high end installers that work with perspex in the South Florida area, I would love to have at the least the rear...
  14. Gothamnyc

    Escort heads in recieve only mode?

    So @thebravo got me thinking in another thread! I have totally lost faith in Escorts Max 360Ci to jam correctly...Very few updates and they never fulfilled the promise to run more than 4 heads! Hope if @Vortex ever gets to sit down with them again he can find out why! Anyway for my new car I...
  15. Gothamnyc

    New Car Prep

    So the one plus side to this whole quarantine thing is I have had an abundance of time to prep my new car! Had it in for light tints the day after it arrived... Xpel Prime all the way around 70% on the front windshield and than 55% on everything else... Dark enough to cut the glare, ceramic to...
  16. Gothamnyc

    Car wash Wednesday!

    Seems like my new daily routine lol.. Wash cars, drive nowhere, wind, showers pollen... Repeat!
  17. Gothamnyc

    Pedal Upgrade

    Got bored today! Decided to upgrade to the "inbox" (stainless) pedals today! I had looked at a few Ghibli's that had them and liked the look. Dealer wanted $240 for them and another $300 to install lol... $125 from a nearby dealer and did the install myself... Not as easy as I though, the brake...
  18. Gothamnyc

    Rear head combo's???

    So I am guessing that in an ideal world 1tx and 2rx heads are the best set up for the rear of a car... Any testing on how 1 RX and 1 TX compares to 2 RX heads? Going to put together the a system for my new Ghibli, and trying to maximize performance but still keep the back as inconspicuous as...
  19. Gothamnyc

    Anyone in the Northeast ever use a Car Shipping service?

    Anyone have experience using a car shipping service? All read is nightmares about them! I need to have my new car shipped from VA to NY. The Maserati dealer suggested I contract with one myself as the company they use has limited availability and a steep mark up... Inner City seems to be one on...
  20. Gothamnyc

    Maserati Ghibli

    Anyone hear own/lease a Ghibli? BMW is being crushed by this epidemic! BMW NA bounced my production date to the end of June and indicated it is more than likely they will cancel the production of the car! They suggested I order a 2021 when the time comes... I really don't have the ability to...