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  1. WaveJunkie

    WOW! Waylens Horizon dashcam for the driving enthusiast

    I came across this new dash/actioncam today. It looks like a very high quality product. 1080p/60, 720p HFR & Slomo, Bluetooth BLE & Wifi, 260dpi oled display for preview and auto gauge use, Customizable overlays with realtime data from wireless OBD-II port. Wireless remote and much more...
  2. WaveJunkie

    DFR7 Firmware Version on release?

    Just wondering if the DFR7 has newer firmware and RLC DB compared to the LRD950?
  3. WaveJunkie

    Found this video today, hope this brings you back a smile in your life!

    Eclipse: Brings you back your smile! Found this video today on youtube... As a fellow enthusiast driver I needed to share this important information about Eclipse that will change your life! [YouTube] Are You Suffering A Loss? Ask Your Doctor About Eclipse...
  4. WaveJunkie

    Why is not listed on ALP's websites

    Today I was going to the and websites and noticed that there is not a link to under the recommended websites. Is BestRadarDetectors (as the US Distributor?) only wanting to drive traffic to or is it something more like a TOS...
  5. WaveJunkie

    Radenso / Genevo FF - Laser Jammer

    Hey there, I was looking for release info on the Radenso HD+ for integration with my ALP. I decided to go to the german website and was poking around and found this. Genevo FF The ultimate parking system with integrated laser defense . It looks like...
  6. WaveJunkie

    ALP rebooting after JTK with BT module in use (Bad BT FW?)

    Hello RDF! Recently after purchasing an Infiniti I found myself experiencing the pleasures of the open road a little too often. Worried I would find myself facing a future unwanted LEO interaction, so I dug up my trusty old Escort 7500. I had abandoned the use of my Escort 7500 and RDs in my...