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  1. XDA

    V1G2 quick heads up

    The V1G1 had a power knob. If your power source killed when you shut your ignition off, the V1G1 would automatically restart when you started your car (assuming you left it "on"). The new V1G2 requires a manual restart after it is turned off. I damn near got a ticket because I stopped at a rest...
  2. XDA

    Marco/ Laura

    My " home 20" is Houston. Last week I road tripped out to Midland to visit family. I had my new V1G2 with me. Briefly, I ran my V1G1 in Euro mode with the popular sweeps, some lockouts, X off & emulated Savvy. I ran my V1G2 with X off & All Bogies mode, and eSavvy at 37mph. It was quieter than...
  3. XDA

    Valentine Suspends Upgrades

    I waited with all of you, seemed like forever, for the announcement of the V1G2, then it came out. So did covid19. Upgrades were stopped, but that actually turned out OK because there were some problems with the early V1G2s. So I wait. At least I still have my V1G1 and in the meantime the V1G2...
  4. XDA

    New car for me, first in a decade

    2020 Toyota Sequoia Platinum. Love it so far. Looking to get a V1G2 when upgrades resume & a Blendmount mount.
  5. XDA

    I though I had an easy choice.

    I've been with Mike Valentine since I got an Escort in 1979. Today I am running a V1G1 3.8945 with bluetooth to my Android. I thought I was going to use the upgrade program to get a V1G2 but two things happened, first Covid19 shut down the upgrade program and then I began reading poor reviews of...
  6. XDA

    When upgrades resume will G2s be debugged?

    I have read Vortex's post & watched his videos. I think when VR reopens for upgrades (supposedly soon) the G2 units will be most recent manufacture and should be debugged. Y'all think I am OK sending my G1 in when they reopen or should I wait a little longer? If I wait long enough Theia might be...
  7. XDA

    Texas: Houston-Brenham-Houston

    Friday 4-24-20 I drove from inside the 610 loop to Brenham then back Sunday, US 290. Friday, nothing. Sunday, state, county & local all over the place. Don't listen to anybody who is telling you the Fuzz isn't out.
  8. XDA

    Getting a new car

    My 2010 Toyota Sequoia with 180K miles has died. Maybe the CARona virus. I can probably get it fixed and continue on, but I no longer trust it and I drive way out in West Texas often and I want something reliable. I will buy either something new or low milage late model. QUESTION: I want to...
  9. XDA

    Old Dog Still Hunts

    I just finished a round trip Houston to Aspen: Houston => Midland via Austin/San Angelo => Trinidad, Colorado => Denver => Aspen, then => Clayton, New Mexico => Midland => Houston via Ozona/ San Antonio. Other CMs: Waze, CB. My V1 + YaV1 did a great job. Minimum falsing. There are some Ka band...
  10. XDA

    Non GPS Pro M

    Dear Radenso folks: I use my RD exclusively on the open highway, and, while GPS is nice, for me it is not necessary. Does anybody know if there are plans for Radenso to make a Pro M model without GPS? In other words, a Radenso version of the Uniden R1? Thanks!
  11. XDA

    New DFR6

    My brother, who just recently got back to back speeding tickets driving between Houston & Austin, asked me about getting a RD. He is not the enthusiastic type, he wanted easy plug & play for highway use without too steep a price. I put him on a DFR6 for $109.00 on Amazon. That's about what he...
  12. XDA

    Waze router connection problem

    I have been experiencing router connection problems on Waze. Anybody else?
  13. XDA

    Gift- DFR6- Settings in Tx?

    I am giving a new DFR6 as a Christmas present. For use in Texas, K on wide, Ka on narrow? X off, POP off, filters on, right?
  14. XDA

    Texas Highway Patrol

    Does anybody here have any current day experience listening to the Texas DPS channels on a scanner? I quit scanners when they grew so complex (trunking, encrypting, use of mobile video devices instead of voice), but when I used to listen to them I bought a "Police Call" frequency guide book from...
  15. XDA

    K filtration question

    I am running V1 version 3.8945. To be sure, I ran my serial # on the Valentine website and it said I have the latest version of the V1. I connect to YaV1, I run Euro Mode, big "C" for K band on, and Traffic Monitor Filter on. Simple question. Am I getting Junk K Fighter and TMF2? I live in...
  16. XDA

    No R2?

    Uniden named their two new radar detectors "R1" and "R3". So why is the R3 named R3 and not R2? Star Wars?
  17. XDA

    LRD850 & R1

    Question. Is the R1 the same basic detector as the LRD850 but with more bells and whistles (and higher price), or is it an all new design?
  18. XDA

    rear laser falsing

    My V1 has been chronically falsing laser to the rear. At one point I took it off of its mount and held it in my hand with my hand over it and it continued to false. I cannot identify anything that it is setting it off, I think something is wrong with the unit. I disabled laser with YaV1...
  19. XDA

    Summer drive 2017: How dead is CB?

    My summer vacation is coming up and I will be driving in Texas, New Mexico and Colorado. I have a CB in my closet with a cigarette lighter power cable and magnetic antenna, I am wondering if I should make the effort to hook it up in my car. I will also have a V1 with YaV1 and Waze. Will I...
  20. XDA

    LRD850- if it works don't fix it?

    For Christmas 2015 I gave each of my 3 sons a Uniden LRD850, based largely on Vortex's reviews. They have all been very happy with them. Here is my question, all 3 of them have Apple computers, no PC's. As I understand it, firmware updates have to be made from a PC. Is that still the case...