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  1. JJ McClure

    RD recommendation with high spousal approval factor

    My wife tends not to drive quickly around town, but when we take longer trips she usually prefers to stick me at the wheel. I dutifully tote my V1 from my car to hers and off we go. I convinced her this year to let me install some ALPs (triple front installation with HiFi for daily use and...
  2. JJ McClure

    I95 Northbound Westport CT laser trap

    Don't see this often in this area so I thought it worth sharing. Today the CT troopers set up a car firing LIDAR from the overpass at exit 18 northbound. They had two chase cars waiting down the road for customers. Not a tactic they use here I so I thought it noteworthy. Hapoy Memorial Day. ;)
  3. JJ McClure

    Tagging users in a post

    Sorry if this is a basic question, but I see some posts have tagged a user, using something like "@JJ McClure" with a hyperlink. How do you do that? Does tagging someone provide them with any notification? Thanks!
  4. JJ McClure

    How much increased performance do custom sweeps add?

    Maybe this is a basic question, but how much performance does adding custom sweeps to a V1 actually add? Are we talking a few milliseconds of extra warning, or full seconds? The logical part of me understands that reducing the bandwidth scanned should make it faster, but how long is an...
  5. JJ McClure

    Hello fellow enthusiasts

    Hello fellow forum members. The Facts New member as of today. First radar detector was an old Bel. In those days, they were illegal in my home state of Connecticut, so my 'stealth' configuration consisted of a having it velcro'ed to the dash with a piece of paper taped over the top of it. Have...