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  1. Deacon

    iOS 14(.0.1)

    I’m still chugging along with my iPhone 8 Plus. Depending on what happens with the 12, which I was planning on waiting for, I may just get an 11 Pro. But I’m on iOS 13.7 right now. Which raises the question: any real downside to moving to iOS 14? I just saw that 14.0.1 was released, and...
  2. Deacon

    Feasibility of mesh wireless system in attic

    All this talk about mesh wireless systems has got me thinking about setting one up in my house. My ASUS RT-AC88U reaches out fairly well, but there are some smart devices and my wife’s desktop at the fringes of reception that are “ok” and would do well with a bump of signal strength to increase...
  3. Deacon

    MX-5 Miata slow?

    I found this interesting. It’s amazing how good we have it these days compared to even the height of the American muscle car boom. Engines and tires factor so much into how quick a car is, both of which are leaps and bounds ahead of anything from 50 years ago even with cars being so heavy these...
  4. Deacon

    RAM TRX (T-Rex) takes on the Ford Raptor

    I admit, it looks like a hoot. It’s too bad they went with an IFS. Everyone knows IFS is only for sports cars and is too weak and has too little travel for off-roading. Only 702HP and 13+ inches of travel, but sometimes in life you have to make compromises! How will Ford respond? Does a flat...
  5. Deacon

    Upgrade program back on - 23 July 2020

    Just saw this email.
  6. Deacon

    Finally got a base station set up (ham)

    Other than noodling around with mag mounts on cookie sheets a few times, I’ve been exclusively mobile. Now that we moved into the new (to us) place, I figured it was time I get a shack going in my office. Other than my BCD436HP hanging around sometimes, I now have a proper power supply...
  7. Deacon

    How to bypass the AT&T Fiber residential gateway

    AT&T Fiber is awful. Or rather, their hardware is awful. Their routing and peering choices are highly questionable, too. But if you can at least get past their stupid “residential gateway” junk, you might at least stand a chance of having a less painful experience. I have an Arris BGW210...
  8. Deacon

    Auto Dark thoughts

    I assume nothing in the beta is secret, so I’m hoping it’s cool to discuss it here. I always run my R3 in Dark Mode. Other than a blinking dot it’s completely quiet unless and until an alert appears. Even if an alert is a lockout or otherwise manually muted or automuted, it displays. In the...
  9. Deacon

    RE-VOTE: Do you run multiple detectors simultaneously on the windshield as your default daily setup?

    This was brought up in another thread, where someone said that many of us run multiple detectors go get the best of both worlds, with an admonition that you have to know what you’re doing. That got me thinking. Is that really true? Do many of us regularly and routinely run multiple detectors...
  10. Deacon

    V1 Gen2 built-in Bluetooth capabilities questions

    Of course like the BT/LE dongles that preceded it, we all know the new V1G2’s built-in Bluetooth provides for a phone connection to the V1connection and 3rd party apps as its core/primary function. And we now have positive confirmation it will be used to provide updates via a forthcoming...
  11. Deacon

    Theia feature: built in brown-out booster?

    With the new Gen2 V1 finally fully announced and the owner’s manual released, it turns out VR took their nifty BOB add-on and built it into the detector itself just like they did with Bluetooth. Is this feature also in the works for Theia? It’s a great idea, I think. More and more vehicles have...
  12. Deacon

    Complete Request: Modify lightning button to go to “New Posts”

    Currently tapping the lightning icon in the upper right corner takes you to the “What’s New” page listing all the most recently replied to threads, including all the ones you’ve already read. It would be ideal if instead it took you to the next page over, the “New Posts” page listing unread...
  13. Deacon

    Scosche 40% off sale till 24 Feb 2020

    Celebrate 40 Years of Scosche with 40% OFF Sitewide All Weekend! Offer Ends February 24th, 2020 USE PROMO CODE AT CHECKOUT: 40YEARS Offer valid 2/21/2020 through 2/24/2020 While Supplies Last | No Rainchecks Offers cannot be combined | Limit 2 of each item per customer * Promo code...
  14. Deacon

    SAPD or BCSO stealth F-150?

    I saw this not too long ago. Thought I'd share. It had a sticker on the back of it, but I wasn't smart enough to say out loud for the record what the sticker said... Maybe it was just an officer's personal vehicle (they can outfit them with lights for working part-times), and someone pissed him...
  15. Deacon

    New Continual “security error” pop ups after upgrade

    Apparently there was some sort of work done to the site within the last hour or so, and after it came back, I keep getting these errors. It seems to happen mostly after I tap a forum, look at the list of unread threads, and then swipe back to the main forum list. I did notice a single brief...
  16. Deacon

    Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ vs other all-season tires

    My wife is hard on tires and wheels. She popped another one recently, sidewall tear from hitting a curb. She claimed someone came over into her lane, but I’m guessing she was just on her phone. She’s running 4 mismatched tires right now because of how hard she is on them. Probably all four...
  17. Deacon

    Complete “it”?

    Any idea what’s up with this? Showed up yesterday I think. Maybe the day before?
  18. Deacon

    RIP Paul (UPMan)

    As some of you may be aware, UPMan was a major fixture at Uniden, especially when it came to scanners, the long-time face of Uniden’s division and an enthusiast himself, the driving force behind implementing features and representing the community within Uniden. He was pretty much universally...
  19. Deacon

    Theia and military bases

    I’m still a little concerned about whether lockouts can be supported, as I’m still skeptical that they can have already fingerprinted every door opener and speed sign emitter in existence. But even more importantly, for some it’s easy to forget that military bases often use Stalker Ka units at...
  20. Deacon

    Sold/Ended Scosche 40% site wide sale Nov 4

    Code FLASH40 Conditions Offer valid 11/4/19 Only While Supplies Last | No Rainchecks Offers cannot be combined | Limit 2 of each item per customer * Promo code does not apply to On Sale, Refurbished, Bundles, Clearance items, Apparel and any other already...