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    Will this New Bill Mean Less RD Tickets?

    Virginia bill could make it harder for police to pull you over. This bill will make it much more difficult for Virginia police to pull you over for equipment violations. They will now be secondary violations, which means they have to stop you for something else that is considered a primary...
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    Wisconsin State Patrol Enforcement "Hot Spots"

    There are going to be some WSP Enforcement "Hot Spots" in the Fond du Lac area. The interesting thing is this link lists the specific roads that will be targeted. A similar operation is planned for Sauk and Chippewa counties. They did not list the specific roads in those counties yet. I have...
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    Indiana State Police using unmarked Challengers?

    This is a first for me. An article from WTHR News (Ch.13) Indianapolis has a picture that shows a white Challenger with wig wags in the rear window during a traffic stop on I-65. So if you drive on Indiana interstates beware! I have seen white pickups (Ford and Dodge) and Mustangs but no...
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    Wisconsin: Professional Speeders Beware!

    This thread might be a little bit late, but looks like there is still a week to go for air enforcement ops in the SE Wisconsin area: Air Enforcement Operation Announced by WSP Are they getting an early start this spring or do they conduct these year round? GTO_04
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    SDS-100 Interferes with Radar Detector

    Just found this thread on Radio Reference: SDS-100 Interferes with Radar Detector. I am glad I wasn't an early adopter. Maybe the Whistler LSM capable scanners will do better. One of the detectors picking up interference is the V1, so that is not good news. I have not seen the R series...
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    Southern Shield

    You guys that live in the southeast probably already know about this, but it's time for Southern Shield again! Don't you all feel sooooo safe now??? I didn't think so. Cha ching! GTO_04
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    Traffic Fatalities up 50% in Edmonton

    I thought all this aggressive camera enforcement in Edmonton was all about "safety." Not working so well, eh? Traffic Fatalities up 50% in Edmonton. They are also diversifying their camera enforcement to include noise violations. What, are there not enough speeders to replenish the...
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    Uniden Buys Motorola Mobility

    Just saw this interesting item on Radio Reference, straight from UPMan: Uniden Buys Motorola Mobility I have to admit that was a pretty good April Fool's joke! UPMan has a great sense of humor lolol. GTO_04
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    TapTrap Speed Trap Indicator

    Anyone see this Tap Trap Speed Trap Indicator? It looks similar in principle to waze. Gives you a pushbutton to make reporting speed traps a little more convenient. Must be tethered to a phone of course. Do you suppose LEOs will complain about this too??? GTO_04
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    Illinois and Wisconsin Enforcement

    I'm programming my scanner in preparation for my trip up to the Midwest Test Event so I have a few questions. Is WSP mostly on WISCOM? I see conflicting reports on radio reference. In Illinois, do the county sheriffs do much traffic enforcement on the interstates? I will be taking I-74...
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    Phantom Alert

    Anybody familiar with this Garmin add-on? It is supposed to track speed traps, speed cameras, etc. Not free, it costs $29 per year. This is the first time I've ever seen it. I was wondering if it would be a viable alternative to Waze. I found the latest Waze update to be very disappointing...
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    My new 2015 Charger.

    My new 2015 Charger SP. As posted before, my 2012 was totaled in a multi-car pileup on my way home from work. Since I got such a good settlement from State Farm I decided to upgrade to the Scat Pack with the 6.4L Hemi! Needless to say, with 485 HP and 475 lb.-ft., what a difference, not that...
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    Redline Firmware Update

    So I just started using Escort Live (iPhone version) with my new Redline. I bought them both at the same time. Live alerted me that it detected old firmware in my Redline. It was surprising to see that so I did do the update. Anyone have an idea what what was changed with the firmware...
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    Uniden is Back in the Radar Detector Business!!!

    Just got my new Car and Driver today and right inside the front cover is an ad for Uniden's re-entry into the radar detector market, it's the LRD 950. Looks like Stinger will finally have some competition............................NOT!!!:p It does compete with the V1 though on price at...
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    Westfield Indiana PD Traffic Division

    Crime is on the rise on the north Indy suburbs. Home invasions, robberies, homicides, you name it. So what does Westfield PD do? Yeah, you guessed it, they start up a new Traffic Division! And they bought themselves some brand new unmarked Mustang GTs There were some attempted home...
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    Automotive Radar System Information

    For the radar geeks among us (that would be most of us!) You will need to register to read the articles but it's free. History and Future of Automotive Radar Systems 79 GHz Short Range Autmotive Radar K band isn't going to disappear overnight, but there appears to be a trend toward...
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    New V1 Hardware Upgrade in the Works?

    Looks like VR may have an antenna upgrade in the works: I found this in the other forum...
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    V1 Connection Cannot Change Profile

    All of a sudden, my V1C will not let me select a different profile when paired with my 3.892. It worked just fine yesterday when I added a new profile and wrote that new profile to my 3.893. The V1C is paired with a Galaxy S2 and all the other functions seem to be working. The Profiles menu...
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    Hello from Indiana

    I'm new to the forum. Looks like a great forum for radar and RD fanatics! GTO_04