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  1. gapi

    Beeps @ Startup

    I run RX,TX, RX front & rear, HiFi Control set, silent startup. It's been trouble free for several years and saved lots of bacon. At random and only a couple times now it will beep loud at startup and when I press the power/mute button it beeps twice, press again it beeps once, and get Red LED...
  2. gapi

    FYI Lidar Hits Active Again After a Couple Months of no Activity I-75 Between Marietta & Adairsville

    Going South in the noon hours and North after 9PM on I have been seeing activity again after a couple months of nothing. Monday night Cobb sitting in the I75 I575 split, , Tuesday night Emerson shooting dragon eye off the overpass tested my Rear Rx Tx Rx. Tonight Prolaser III from the left...
  3. gapi

    Complete Hackers Attacking Forums

    I frequent Dodge Charger forums and see a couple seem to be getting attacked having their language changed. I thought I would give a heads up here so you can avoid same. See samples below.They are the whats new threads on both.
  4. gapi

    My Walmart R7 as Shipped Info & Notes

    Being VERY hesitant & skeptical about the R7 I didn't want to stroke BRD with a 50/50 probable return so I went with Walmart for the ease of returning it to a local store. Ordered on line. I am very happy with my R3 but have experienced situations where Arrows would have been great. So...
  5. gapi

    Will R7 Hard Wired with Escort Hardwire with Yellow & Black Wire Swap Work?

    I run my R3s' with the escort buttoned hard wire kit having the Yellow & Black wires swapped at the jack and have an indicator light (power on) and the mute/mark memory button work. Will this be the same on an R7?
  6. gapi

    Got Convinced Arrows Will Be Apart of My Next RD

    Traveling through a known trap that uses a variety of detection devices, I have seen K, Ka, and various LIDAR including the Dragon. I encountered fully ramped K Band and let off until it was gone and got it again well out of the area but could not spot the source. 3 miles after the 2nd blast I'm...
  7. gapi

    FW 1.46 No KAa Ramp Up

    Been running the 1.46FW since release and pretty much can confirm on my unit that Ka alerts are all or nothing. Range is great a always but getting a full blown alert and breaking for a save to a LEO sitting 3/4 mile around and over a slight hill and curve is getting old. Thinking of reverting.
  8. gapi

    Waze & Maps Splt Screen On Oneplus 6

    Just wanted to show how I roll Waze & Maps via split screen on my OnePlus 6. My daily commute involves several miles of I-75 and I like to have the whole route displayed via maps and have tried running just Waze for it all but it doesn't please me like below. Waze being owned by Google may get...
  9. gapi

    Dragon Eye In Cobb NW County

    I got a hit @41 & 92. Video posted in the real world section.
  10. gapi

    Questions About Current Parking Mode Tech

    I run a DR650S 2CH and its parking mode tech even with VicoVation Vico Power Plus still doesn't give me a full 8hrs even with a new high capacity AGM battery in police size package on my Dodge Charger.. I'm wanting to add a 2ch cam to my 2nd vehicle and I don't mind going top tier with GPS and...
  11. gapi

    K Band in Floyd County, Rome, GA

    I was traveling the Rome bypass after 9AM when the R3 alerted to K Band and came up on a County Sheriff Ford Taurus at a light and followed him for several miles.
  12. gapi

    Anyone Hear From GA Speed?

    Anyone Hear From GA Speed? I hope we can test before it gets hot.
  13. gapi

    2005 Silverado Front Rx Tx Rx Install?

    I am trying to prepare for a front install and would like your words. I know there is lots of chrome and the driving lights may be a problem. I can removed them and can get a SS grille insert which is gloss black or a work truck matte one. But barring that what do you think of my placements...
  14. gapi

    R3 Instant On Ka 34.7 Save @0.88 Mile

    I get better range alerts than this one but this one made me very happy because it saved me and the terrain was not flat and straight. And I'm posting because if you are in the Cartersville GA area on the new sections of HWY20 look out especially after dark. And all over town as well...
  15. gapi

    Blackvue Video's Lose Audio In Sony Vegas V13 & 14 (possibly others)

    When I put Blackvue DR650S-2CH videos into Sony Vegas only a short part of the audio is available. I contacted Blackvue but they do not seem interested. Does anyone with a DR750S-2CH or 1CH use Vegas? Can I get someone to send me a clip from a DR750S? PM me for an address of give me a link. I...
  16. gapi

    Auto LID Setting Overides LED Mode Setting

    I run the HiFi control set and monitor status via the control pad LED. All firmware is up to date. I always set my external LED to Off because I only want to see it during an alert. I also set my control set brightness to Dimmed on the 2 setting, and status to constant. I experimented with...
  17. gapi

    Cannot Stop ALPConnect 7.3A From Running At Startup

    I use a Nexus 5X on the latest Oreo and notice ALPConnect is automatically running in the background when the phone is started. I only run ALPC for updates and would like not to have it auto run but cannot disable it (or find how) in Oreo settings. Can we get the option to run or not run at...
  18. gapi

    External LED Color When Muting/Un-Muting HiFi Control Set

    I have been meaning to ask this since a couple FW updates ago. Its no biggie I just want to know if I'm supposed to be seeing Green. Before when I toggled the mute button on the HiFi control set my external LED would flash "Blue" along with the "Muted" voice announcement or the unmuted tone. I...
  19. gapi

    Escorts 9500ix Gold Package Upgrade? Heh!

    Just got a promo email on this. Amazing. Gold Package Upgrade? funny!
  20. gapi

    Lidar Kill GA I-75 & I-575 N-Bound True Speed-S

    To get onto I-75 I come from the Canton Rd ramp and have to merge across several lanes to keep from getting stuck onto I-575. So tonight about 10:35 it was pretty clean and I banged up to 90 getting over there and I got the alert. He was sitting in the I-75, I-575 V-split in the darkness and...