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  1. ivan911fl

    V1 g2 auto muting ka

    I have a question my v1g2 is auto muting ka band im using v1 driver app and i have all the auto muting off but is still muting ka band .any help wiil be appreciated, thanks setting little l x off
  2. ivan911fl

    is the max ci and the max ci360 controller dispaly the same

    sorry if it was answer before im buying the max ci and im going to add the rear antenna do i also need new display thanks
  3. ivan911fl

    bmw tx install question

    does the regula alp sensor have to be 100% level or not sorry about the picture been sideway - - - Updated - - - the tx sensor is level 100% but not the regular would that be a problem - - - Updated - - -
  4. ivan911fl

    who knows the alp auto dimming schedule?

    does anybody knows the alp auto dimming schedule ?
  5. ivan911fl


    i bought a uniden r3 on eBay new, will the uniden warranty still be good.