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  1. Vancity23

    John From Vancouver

    Lidar gun....hmmm...we know nothing about that...;) 1603334862 Ya its just terrible here...
  2. Vancity23

    John From Vancouver

    Welcome from another Vancouver member. You came to a great forum, everything you need to know about CM’s is here.
  3. Vancity23

    Expected release date for Theia?

    Hoping we never have to return Theia, all updates will be done via FW updates...
  4. Vancity23

    Expected release date for Theia?

    Ha ha those are funny, people are creative...
  5. Vancity23

    Feature request for benzr

    Will our wait to see that video take much longer? (Had to ask)
  6. Vancity23

    Feature request for benzr

    Had to move this to a Theia thread so we dont get in trouble from the mods saying, get back on topic.... Thread was suggesting that Benzr’s posts are sometimes graphic, colourful, wordy (is that a word?) and sometimes uses emojis. Question was asked with Theia expected to be so quiet, how do we...
  7. Vancity23

    My FIRST TRIP WITH V1G2 ...... WOW !!! KBand too !!

    Probably true but I know he is aware of sites like this, oh out now...
  8. Vancity23

    My FIRST TRIP WITH V1G2 ...... WOW !!! KBand too !!

    With benzr’s passion for CM gear and this hobby, cant imagine what he will say and post here when he gets his
  9. Vancity23

    Greetz from Washington

    Welcome. If you done so already, check out Vortex radar online and youtube. He is in Washington state also.
  10. Vancity23

    Hello Everyone!

  11. Vancity23


    Welcome. How do you want to modify it?
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    Guess they should do a laser scatter test
  13. Vancity23

    About Highway Radar for iOS and other non-Android platforms

    Ya if you could do jn an iOS app wow that would be awesome.
  14. Vancity23

    R7 FW 133.141.113 - Menu Navigating

    It is....guess that kind of proves my So how do you get to Advanced (fyi when I first powered my on it first said Expert mode)? 1602968982 I cant imagine how trying video settings would be...maybe the time out period could be longer...
  15. Vancity23

    R7 FW 133.141.113 - Menu Navigating

    So just did the update, (Windows 10) flawless fast and easy. However, and I do like the Expert menu option, but with so many settings (a good thing) I did find it a challenge scrolling through the menu options and trying to make changes, and if you are not quick enough, it will escape out of...
  16. Vancity23

    Hi from Whangamata NZ

  17. Vancity23

    Heywood's October 10 2020 MRCD Testing

    Just saw this now... Anyway @Heywood awesome thorough testing videos and presentation once again, you are one of the best! This type of in the wild unbiased testing is what we need to cut through the BS some manufacturers spew.
  18. Vancity23

    Uniden R7 update, when can we expect it?

    Thats odd because with a normal FW update, it saves your settings...
  19. Vancity23

    Woot has Uniden Detectors on Sale today

    Wow thats the lowest price, if it has full warranty thats a great buy....
  20. Vancity23

    Uniden R7 owner having issues updating Firmware using the USB cable and software tool...

    Yup its clunky and dated for sure. The biggest challenge for me, using Windows 10, was getting the drivers installed. After that every update is a breeze.