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  1. croup

    Database Update R7

    Not sure if mentioned but while looking for the all elusive beta firmwares out for the R7 I noticed there was a database update that I missed DB_20200710
  2. croup

    Running Multiple Detectors.....

    After being here for years now, I understand and believe the risks involved with running multiple detectors at the same time.....However, I will always be one that ideally runs a remote and windshield detector at the same time......It just gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling at all times that...
  3. croup

    What was the first Radar Detector to be able to pick up KA band?

    Trying to find the specific model # of the first detector that was able to pick up KA band. Since (Applied Concepts) Stalker was the first to bring KA band radar gun to the market in 1990 it has to be near this time frame....
  4. croup

    Max 360 Ci Thoughts after three weeks

    After a good three weeks of running this used system I picked up, I have to to say I am very pleased. I have wanted a remote installed system back on my vehicle for quite some time but only if I could find a good deal which I did. The used system came with everything except the concealed...
  5. croup

    What are these clamps used for in a custom install?

    What are these clamps used for in a custom install of CM's?
  6. croup

    KA false 35.656 from semi

    Obviously my V1G2 FW v4.1019 is not segged since this false alert was in segment 9 but just curious anyone have a clue what this semi might have that is causing this....Not familiar with any radar detector causing this in this range (segment).... Get a first hit as I am on on ramp to...
  7. croup

    Max 2 settings for the wife's car?

    Well I said I would never buy her another detector after the third one she had stolen of mine for once again leaving her vehicle unlocked but I be dang the few times I do drive it , not having one in there or me having to bring one out of the vault is time consuming and I am tired of it....So I...
  8. croup

    Please forward the CM anonymous hotline number

    Hello my came is Croup and I am addicted to CM's This chitt is getting out of hand.....Is there a meeting a I can attend to get this under control?.... 4--dash cams 3- ws detectors mounted at this time....(mounts and wiring for 5) 1-remote detector 4-sensors front (max shifters) ordering...
  9. croup

    Shifter Max placement advice needed

    Finally got everything installed except the (4) shifter max sensors on the used max ci 360 I recently acquired......To the best of my knowledge which is pretty nil all sensors definitely receive and seem to be firing so on the vehicle they go....Going to put all (4) on huge front end...
  10. croup

    R360C Behavior

    First of all take this series of encounters for what they are worth since I am running three detectors at a time so we all know the possible interference from doing such a thing cannot be considered credible. However, since I have it on video, it might be something to at least keep an eye on...
  11. croup

    @Vortex Just Posted his 3 Part Series on JBV1

    Watch Part 1, JBV1's Coolest Features: Watch Part 2, JBV1's Interface: Watch Part 3: JBV1's Menu Options: JBV1
  12. croup

    Quick Thoughts on R360C Firmware Update 1.3

    Was hoping to get a better look at the firmware but the course I use is an industrial strip and of course it was way to busy to draw any solid conclusions so I will not even try....However, knowing the alert areas from all the top tier detectors, ramp up style, and arrow flipping and seeing the...
  13. croup

    Recommended Stand Alone Setting from default setting?

    Need to run JBV1 in Stand Alone Mode for a few weeks. From resetting JBV1 to default settings Is there a quick answer of what to turn off and on connectivity wise to have it Auto Start like it does when I am running it with my V1G2... In short, I want to get in and it not try to connect to...
  14. croup

    Dash Cam expansion battery question

    Noticed my Blackvue had not been recording for almost three weeks when I wanted to pull a clip and test some the other day.....Not having my meter handy, I unplugged this power cord from my dash cam from my Utlra Magic Power Pro and hooked directly to cig lighter and boom Blackvue is alive and...
  15. croup

    Auto Mode for Newbies

    After acquiring the latest Escort Release (Redline 360C), For three days, I left factory default settings untouched because I believe that it what most consumers/customers (other than informed RDF members) will do.....Was very impressed with how quite this new R360c was....Barely any falses at...
  16. croup

    Arrow Transistion and Ramp Up Thoughts

    After reviewing some video from a testing session Sunday I can pretty much sum up my thoughts on both AT/RU on my R360C, R7, and V1G2 however I don't attend to post videos etc because the detectors were not mounted in the exact same spot with the R7 and V1G2 having the better bird eyes view to...
  17. croup

    My First three days using the R360c

    Well I was all fired up to put it through some paces today but things sometimes just do not go as planned....Was ready to show some crazy and very weird encounters in the wild I have experienced the first couple of hundred miles since acquiring...Pulled out micro sd card from Blackvue and last...
  18. croup

    My Very First Whistler Radar Detector!

    Next X band showdown just got some stiff competition by gosh :)…. Happen to run across this unopened Whistler Radar Eye RE 55...Wanted $25 and got if for $10...Think I should send in the warranty card? :p Dang thing sounds like an old timey car horn when alerting.....LMAO
  19. croup

    Redline 360c Known BSM Offenders

    List the ones you know... Had one this morning on the way to work....Short non annoying quick brap as I passed it by....I was in Auto Mode and lets just say I was moving along....Still trying to figure out this speed sensitive while using auto mode so am unclear if relevant or not.... Honda CRV
  20. croup

    Redline 360c Settings

    Being away from Escort products for awhile, I am having to figure a lot of these settings out....Trying to highlight all default settings and learn some I am not familiar with so I can ask, learn, and eventually recommend (or not) R360C settings....If inappropriate to post basically the manual...