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  1. tempnexus

    My R3 just suffered total speaker failure

    So my R3 just totally failed in speaker announcement. It first started as a raspy sound, think of the hooker from "love potion #9" movie. And then it became less and less announcy i.e it would say the first few words and then be silent. So now it's totally silent. Uniden quoted me $85 to fix...
  2. tempnexus

    How does the Escort AI compare to the upcoming Radenso AI?

    Now that escort reps have finally joined the forum I would like to ask this question. I know that Escort had an amazing DNA AI so I am wondering how does their AI which is currently quite dated since it was introduced in 2012 compare to the upcoming Radenso AI? Thank you
  3. tempnexus

    Very important question

    All the AI talk and no BSM talk is great and all but my biggest question is:. Will it have arrows and what color?!!!
  4. tempnexus

    Remote exploit car stalking
  5. tempnexus

    How to run the Google Chrome Antivirus Scanner
  6. tempnexus

    Seeing the booths at SEMA; Is Escort and Cobra the best detector out there?!

    I mean the testimony sounds great and I love the color scheme! Plus we all know how important X alert is these days! Prove me wrong!
  7. tempnexus

    Drivers of lifted trucks, what are you attempting to compensate for?

    You are exempt from the question if you own a farm or haul a lot of equipment. Edit: Just so we understand each other. I am not talking about regular pickup trucks. I am talking about lifted pickup trucks. I.e.
  8. tempnexus

    ALP rebooting and disconnecting from App once connected to app

    So ALP without being connected to Android app works fine. However, once I connect it to app than it works fine for few min, than about a minute after it enters blue state, the ALP system reboots than connection is lost. It happens Everytime I reconnect it. Weird.
  9. tempnexus

    what are your thoughts on hybrid SUV?

    Seeing that Volvo might go mostly hybrid in 2020, 2021 I was wondering what are your thoughts on a hybrid engine for an SUV?!
  10. tempnexus

    What's the difference between G1 and G2 heads?

    I apologize if that was already asked. Is it advisable to upgrade the G1 heads to G2?
  11. tempnexus

    I presume that RPSE is end of life and no further firmware updates are expected?

    Thank you and staying super excited about the possibility of GHZ sized clicking balls product!
  12. tempnexus

    Is there a way to make sure that a head is firing if you don't have a lidar?

    I don't have a lidar in my possession and the TMG doesn't have a self test that I have read that some V1 heads have died I want to make sure that mine are okay....especially that my 1 year warranty is coming up fast. So, how can I test my heads if I don't have a LIDAR or the...
  13. tempnexus

    Haven't seen an Update in TMG defender app for a longe time

    Is everything ok is the current App still ok?
  14. tempnexus

    Last Pass Users (many partook in the rdf deal) there is a vulnerability out there FYI!
  15. tempnexus

    A119 V2 double beeping about 20 min into drive

    Anyone else got that? I changed sd cards and I formated the drive many times and it still does it.
  16. tempnexus

    Damn it I am yet to be hit by LIDAR on BOTH ALP and TMG and it's been 2 years my ROI is looking bleek.

    And my wife is taking note...that's the worst part. Since she drove it, she was only hit once and that was near Haymarket VA and it's been about 2 years ago.......since than nada. I envy you all who get hit all the time!
  17. tempnexus

    Working on a car nightmare

  18. tempnexus

    Safe SUV recommendation

    Since I will have a kid (hopefully) I am looking on selling my 09 Corolla and upgrading to a safer car since its no longer my life that's on the line. My wife has Volvo xc60 so I am thinking on getting a second one but I am open to options. 1) safety is the #1 thing I am looking for 2) new or...