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  1. tempnexus

    My R3 just suffered total speaker failure

    I got the same speaker as the manufacturer. My radar detector was from June of 2017 so it was the first run. I don't know if later runs suffered the same isaue. Mine has been loyal for 3 years, so no points against uniden but whoever made the speaker.
  2. tempnexus

    My R3 just suffered total speaker failure

    So my R3 just totally failed in speaker announcement. It first started as a raspy sound, think of the hooker from "love potion #9" movie. And then it became less and less announcy i.e it would say the first few words and then be silent. So now it's totally silent. Uniden quoted me $85 to fix...
  3. tempnexus

    Powering Theia

    From a very good source that I can not disclose, THEIA will be powered by Soviet era RTG
  4. tempnexus

    How does the Escort AI compare to the upcoming Radenso AI?

    Now that escort reps have finally joined the forum I would like to ask this question. I know that Escort had an amazing DNA AI so I am wondering how does their AI which is currently quite dated since it was introduced in 2012 compare to the upcoming Radenso AI? Thank you
  5. tempnexus

    V1 WILL be updated

    Just making sure
  6. tempnexus

    V1 WILL be updated

    You must be side sliding from attacking forum members eh? I could report you and @LouG as a personal attack against member but I will not. So just step away! V1 is dead accept it! None of my posts are against members I just make fun of a failed company but somehow you take it personally...
  7. tempnexus

    V1 WILL be updated

    I am wicked gay!
  8. tempnexus

    V1 WILL be updated

    RIP Leonard Nimoy
  9. tempnexus

    Will we see another update to the R7 or is the game over

    I was told to join conversations without creating new ones. So here it goes: If you had a choice of buying an R7 at this current time then would you do it?!
  10. tempnexus

    V1 WILL be updated

    Neah, ignorance is bliss.
  11. tempnexus

    V1 WILL be updated

    I don't know about anyone else, but as for me I just collect the bans.
  12. tempnexus

    V1 WILL be updated

    Well the V1 currently being sold by Valentine One already have artificial intelligence built into them. I mean you can only buy them artificially. V1 argument: You see the detector is dumb but you can connect it to your phone in order to make it smarter. Radenso argument: We just turned a...
  13. tempnexus

    Hello from TX (and CA at times)

    Welcome to the board. My condolences about having to visit Southern California fairly often.
  14. tempnexus

    Very important question

    Damn it! Disguise blown! Don't tell anyhow how I look! Fine here is my picture! My wife and I:
  15. tempnexus

    Very important question

    According to Randy at SEMA people were focused on the arrows and not at the AI. Hahah Yeah here is this amazing tech but no...will it have arrows.
  16. tempnexus

    Very important question

    All the AI talk and no BSM talk is great and all but my biggest question is:. Will it have arrows and what color?!!!
  17. tempnexus

    Hello from Tennessee

    Welcome, Welcome to zombocom, welcome! Everything is new at zombocom, welcome. Oh and yeah don't plan on buying any Xmass gifts for anyone this year....since you will be out of funds very shortly!
  18. tempnexus

    Ban issued to user pokemonabq

    Hey I didn't get banned!!! Oh wait nevermind
  19. tempnexus

    ALP Firmware is stating to roll out 5.5.8/8.7

    Awesome. Fixed. However, since the latest Alp app release the app keeps crashing on my Pixel 3 xl Android OS 10. It crashes right at the transition from Green car to guard Blue car. Also it takes forever to initially transition from Green to blue.