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  1. Jhaggy

    Encounters from my NY to ME Trip

    Just returned from a trip from NYC to Portland, Maine. I never did the drive up to Maine before but man, I thought NY was bad, you guys got it bad in New Hampshire. I'm briefly in NH on the trip maybe 30 mins to go and to come back and when I was heading on I-95N, three state troopers all on the...
  2. Jhaggy

    NY LLH Law To Go Through Senate

    Here is the article posted by a fellow RDF member: Also, idk if this works but why not try. If you support the bill, you can vote here on the NY senate website. I encourage you guys to vote!: NY State Senate Bill S3860A
  3. Jhaggy

    LED Headlight for Nissan Altima

    Can anyone recommend a good LED headlight bulb brand that won't break the bank. The reliable ones I've seen cost like 300 for a pair and the cheap ones I've read stop working after a short time. I really need to change my headlights, my halogens are a piece of s*** and I swear my lights are not...
  4. Jhaggy

    NY Radar & Lidar Spotter Thread

    Seems that we have a lot of users here around the NYC area as well as long island who drive very frequently. Figured we would start an official thread of where and when we spot NYPD or NYSP running radar and/or lidar instead of keep creating new ones. Upstate drivers welcome to post their...
  5. Jhaggy

    Looking For A Car, Any Suggestions?

    Hello all, I am looking to purchase another car this summer. I definitely want it to be manual. I was looking at the Subaru WRX 2018. For some reason I love the responsiveness of an AWD drive system and I like the fact that it is a sedan. The price tag I would like it to be around the Subaru WRX...
  6. Jhaggy

    Anyone Not Upgrade to 1.36/1.37?

    Didn't see anything about this so I decided to create it for conversation sake. Anyone not upgrade to 1.36/1.37 yet? If not, why did you you choose to stay at a previous firmware? I'm still on 1.31. I'm completely happy with it and I feel like I do not need the new bells and whistles of the...
  7. Jhaggy

    NYC To Toronto

    Hello all, I will be traveling to Canada next week from NYC. I've done this drive a million times taking the I-87 to I-90. However, I've always heard that taking the I-84 to I-81 then to I90 is slightly quicker from drivers who have used this way. Quicker by maybe 30 minutes and that's what...
  8. Jhaggy

    R3 Power Cord Replacement Info

    So I had searched on here before for this R1/3 cord replacement issue and found not enough information about it. My clip on the R3 power cord broke. I spoke to BRD, he recommended I give uniden support a call. Uniden told me to email them the receipt I was emailed from my BRD purchase and they...
  9. Jhaggy

    Move Over NYS Commercial

    I don't know who saw this but I saw it for the first time yesterday. Immediately I thought, maybe one day we can get a commercial for Left Lane Hogs in NY!
  10. Jhaggy

    Using an R3 in Virginia

    Anyone have any experiences using an R3 in Virginia? Is it stealth enough to go un-noticed by leos and their spectre's? I've seen Vortex's video already on it. Just wanted to hear about some first-hand experiences. I will be spending this weekend there. Thanks in advance.
  11. Jhaggy

    Why RD Placement Is Important!

    So I was trying to make use of the last few good weekends of good weather here in NY, so I decided to make another run with the redline and R3. When I started my first run with the redline I noticed it was pointing to the far right due to the curvature of my windshield so I pulled over to move...
  12. Jhaggy

    Out of Tune Stalkers, R3 & Redline Test (New Info)

    So I recently bought a Stalker Dual DSR (Front Antenna Only) from a member on here from Edmonton. I decided to fire up the stalker this weekend and make some runs with it up and down the avenue by where I live, with my R3 and redline. A test among my units vs trying to mimic a FF C/O 34.7...
  13. Jhaggy

    NY Unmarked Ford Expedition

    I was on Grand Central Pkwy Saturday night and came across this unmarked black ford expedition. He was not running radar but was behind a disabled vehicle on the freeway. Do not know if he was NYSP or NYPD but just another vehicle to watch out for.
  14. Jhaggy

    What Leo Radar/laser gun reads vs Speedometer

    So speedometers are designed with a cushion to read higher than what your actually speed is. It seems to be hovering from what I've read and watched online to be plus 5 percent. So my question is; when a radar gun or laser gun catches your speed, is it catching your actual speed or what reads...
  15. Jhaggy

    Road Trip Help (NY to NH)

    Hey guys, I'll be taking a roadtrip from NYC to Manchester, NH. Just wanted a heads up on what to expect in Mass. & New Hampshire. Particularly on these freeways but any info on the states would help as well: I-93 (NH) US 3 (Mass./NH) I-290 (Mass.) I-495 (Mass.) I already know what to expect...
  16. Jhaggy

    Unmarked Vehicles NYC

    So in the CSP unmarked cars thread I was talking about seeing undercover minivans in NYC. I haven't seen them in a while but with the U.N meeting this week, patrol in the city has amp up. Patrol has been so heavy I saw two different undercover minivans just tonight alone. One toyota sienna and...
  17. Jhaggy

    NYSP & NYPD vs. R3

    First, let me start by saying that I drive this freeway every weekend for the past couple of years to go see my girlfriend, so I know every square feet of this road, every rock on the road and every typical redline detection (since leos sit in the same spot) to be able to pinpoint where I...
  18. Jhaggy

    Speed vs. Radar Detection

    I'm pretty sure I know the answer but if you travel at PSL+20 or PSL+30 on freeways, does the radar detection distance shorten? I just wanna know if my redline is acting up or not. My redline use to detect like 1 mile out before but now I am getting detections around 1200 and 2000 feet. But the...
  19. Jhaggy

    NY 35.5 Encounters

    Just curious, anyone come across NYPD or NYSP using 35.5? I've never got a hit around my area or by state patrol and debating whether to turn it off vs state patrol and nypd. Or do any county sheriffs in Long Island use them?
  20. Jhaggy

    34.990 - Grand Central Parkway NYC

    Hope you fellas running segment 6 on those detectors in the boroughs. Got a NYPD highway patrol on westbound grand central, right where northern state parkway transitions into grand central parkway, had a customer already and radar was spitting out 34.990 tonight. NYPD guns are drifting too, not...