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    Its the year 2020 Yet there's no perfect Radar Detector - Why not?

    This post reminds me of all the rants from ppl waiting a year for V1G2 🤣 *cough* Jennifer *cough*
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    Trouble understanding “no app”, maybe the market has split?

    I'm in the middle of the spectrum where I used YaV1 app to configure sweeps, disable Ka Guard and get a MASSIVE boost to range, but that's it. I don't run my V1 and the app at the same time while I'm driving, as I'm usually in a rush and don't want to spend an extra 5-10 seconds setting it up...
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    TXCTG – Testing the new V1 Gen 2 – Ka 34.7, 35.5, 33.8 and Low-Powered K - Waco Pioneer Pkwy 03-08-2020

    Thanks for posting these results!!! Please forgive my asking (I know beggars shouldn't attempt to be choosers), but does anyone know if there's plans to do laser testing down the road, comparing Gen1 VS Gen2 to see if laser sensitivity has increased? Gen1 is pretty good with picking up laser...
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    Theia Price Speculation:

    $799-899 is the "buy-it-now" sweet spot for me. Any higher and I'll probably just stick with my V1, until the day I need to enable K-band detection.
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    Expected release date for Theia?

    Thanks for your reply. Maybe I'm dead wrong, but I guess I'm under the impression that V1's laser detection is a step above the others, and hoping Theia's will be on par or better. I've heard the R7 & Pro M's laser detection had some issues, and just wanted to share my opinion that it's still an...
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    Expected release date for Theia?

    All this talk back and forth in so many different threads about whether or not radar detectors should detect laser.. It's been done before and it's useful for many users, so why leave it out? Does it really cost that much more to add to a dashmount detector? Why is it so hard for companies like...
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    Could also be "Kickass Team"
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    different direction

    From a few minutes of searching, I found a couple thread posts and some info about "snow mode", most of which says it's very useful in some situations. Just like laser detection on an RD for picking up scatter ;) "If you own a Toyota vehicle look first at your gear shift lever. On many...
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    different direction

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the problem with that approach is, it would be way too sensitive to every sort of light source. Sun, brake lights, etc would constantly be setting it off if it was configured to be THAT sensitive.
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    different direction

    Like you said, it's nearly impossible to tell if it was an actual laser save with an RD, but I'm fairly certain I had at least one epic laser save using my V1 a few years ago. I have it mounted fairly low on my windshield, and was traveling about 110MPH, with the cop about 0.75-1.0 mile up ahead...
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    Just bought a used V1 - so new one should be out tomorrow :-)

    "two weeks" seems to be standard industry lingo for "we really have no ****ing clue". if anyone wants a good laugh, check out this product that was supposed to come out in April 2019...
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    Radenso update request

    I'd say it's pretty safe to assume Radenso will incorporate arrows in their next product. That seems to be the #1 feature request I've seen posted quite a few times. Might even be enough to bring me over the fence from V1.
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    Have you ever bought a vehicle that you regretted?

    2008 VW Jetta was the first car I purchased. Man that thing was painfully slow after having driven a Volvo S70 T5 (given to me by my dad) during my teenage years. Lost every race in that VW and eventually just stopped trying to beat anyone. And it seemed like every time I brought the VW into the...
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    New Forum Member - Need an Upgrade

    Radenso Pro-M sounds like your best bet. It'll be a HUGE upgrade over your 9500ix. And from what I've heard, Radenso offers good customer support if you have any other questions or issues.
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    Would you pay 1K plus for a Radenso that was completely immune to BSM?

    I don't have issues with BSM (yet) due to being able to disable K band in my area (for now), but I would gladly pay $600-800 for a Pro-M with arrows.
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    Are fears justified buying 10yr old bmw 6 cyl turbocharged 3 series?

    Whoops, I saw the "335i M" and thought it could be considered one. Rookie mistake. Thanks for the correction.
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    Are fears justified buying 10yr old bmw 6 cyl turbocharged 3 series?

    Congrats!! Sounds like you got an awesome deal for that M3 335i M. Just to compare, I picked up a 2011 328xi 6-speed manual with 40k miles on it back in 2015 for about $12K and have been loving it ever since. It's my first real sports car so maybe next one I'll try to find an M series.
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    Looking at July for v1s now.

    I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I actually like the fact Mike leaves GPS out of his detector. I'll never forget how much I loved Escort detectors until I tried the 9500ix.. I swear that thing's performance relied on whether or not there were clouds over me. On cloudy days, it seemed to...
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    R7 No Laser Alert

    *sigh* We'll just have to agree to disagree on that one. V1 and R7 are both top of the line for windshield detectors with arrows, and by comparing one with the other, we can see the short comings and strengths on both sides. V1's detection range could use some improvement, while R7's laser...
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    R7 No Laser Alert

    I'm aware it can detect laser when you point the gun/tester directly at the laser receiver. My issue is with the poor off-axis hits as you mentioned. Off-axis detection can be very helpful for picking up laser scatter IMO. V1 does it very well, so my hopes would be R7 would be on par or better...