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  1. MrSkimo

    ALP Connect and iOS 13.1.1 problem

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone else is having issues with ALP Connect on the new iOS? I got a new phone (w/ new iOS) last week, and I have had ALP Connect crash on me three times so far. All three times ALP switched over to HiFi, but it took some time for that to happen. Once It was in the...
  2. MrSkimo

    Complete (Former) Group Buy for 1Password - how to move to your own account

    Hi all, I know that with the new ownership, all previous group buys are being shut down this month. I found the conversion from the Corporate account to my own family account to be non-intuitive. Just thought I'd post some basic instructions to help others in the process. 1) go to Pricing &...
  3. MrSkimo

    Dash cam battery or not?

    Hi, just recently decided to get a BlackVue DR900 2ch. This will be my first dash cam. I like the idea of the OBD wiring harness, but wondering if I should add a battery for parking mode. - My car is garaged at night, so usually only outside during the day at work. - Once a month or so I will...
  4. MrSkimo

    Any potential liabilities to having a dashcam?

    Hi, I've been thinking about getting a dashcam for a few years. The benefits to having a dashcam seem pretty obvious. Covering yourself in the wake of an accident, protecting yourself from an errant LEO, catching someone damaging your vehicle, etc. However - what are the laws on a dashcam...
  5. MrSkimo

    X and K band in Anchorage, Alaska - dead?

    So, I was talking to a recently retired friend who was an Anchorage PD Officer who says that they have been completely done with K band for a while. My observation has been that the APD and the State Troopers appear to use Ka and Lidar exclusively. Are there any pockets left of the older...
  6. MrSkimo

    2018 Audi S5 Sportback

    Hi, Here's front and rear photos. I'm getting an ALP/Netradar. After chatting with @BestRadarDetectors Tomand @Holla I think I'll do three regular heads in front and two in back. Sounds like we don't need Tx in Alaska. Appreciate location suggestions. Thanks, MrSkimo