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  1. Smason

    5TB OneDrive Cloud Storage

    So I use OneDrive for my cell and computer to store my media. I have my phone automatically upload to the cloud, and i put all dashcam footage there aswell. Keeping my HDD clean is important for me, and i was blown away to see my OneDrive say i was maxed out for storage. To my understanding, my...
  2. Smason

    Impromptu DETC Testing. ALP & TMG

    I got together with @Jdem this morning to do some DETC testing and meet up with new RDF member @rotaxmax . My car is a 1989 Nissan 240SX and the current set up is as follows. Front: ALP 2RX+1TX Rear: TMG 2G2+VPR Yes im missing a fog light :( My Rx are a bit shelved, It seems to test...
  3. Smason

    2006 Mercury Milan ZW5 Duals Placement

    Okay gents heres a tough one. We want to go escort Zw5 on this car and trying to look at options. What do you think? I searched but coudnt find any info on mounting heads vertically.
  4. Smason

    App Update Suggestion

    I'm definitely a HiFi guy myself, but for those who run BT... Is there a reason why we can't have the audio announce "interference detection" instead of just a color change? I just think it would be better for reviewing footage as well as double confirmation so nobody is going around JTK...
  5. Smason

    Dragoneye Coverage?

    So with testing, it seems that ALP/Stinger/TMG are on the podium right now, But im curious, has anyone done recent DE testing on the Escort Laser shifters? ZW5/ZR5 or the MaxCi? I wonder where they stand with newer guns. All the info i see is from 2 years ago for escort.
  6. Smason

    Fraser Valley Rally

    Attention all, I am organizing a one day road rally on Saturday May 30th. Not really sure how many people are interested in this and ive already talked to most of you. Whats Included: •Breakfast Event at Rally Start •Custom Bags •Full Car Sticker Kit •Window Banner •Custom Car Detailing Kit...
  7. Smason

    Anybody running Jammers on Vancouver Island?

    Ive made a Tester, but i dont have ALP/TMG on me atm. If someone is near Victoria, I could use the help testing this so i can make them for RDF members.
  8. Smason

    Sold/Ended BNIB Radenso RC-M $1900 CAD

    ~1450USD Not sure if a good deal. "never used or installed in the box Radenso RC-M Radar detectector $1900.00. I received this as a gift and I have no need of it"
  9. Smason

    Video Editing Software Render Failing

    Anybody have any suggestions? Im using Vegas Pro 15 and the videos work when viewing.. But when i go to render in ANY setting it comes out like this. If anyones seen this, Let me know!
  10. Smason

    Mercedes C350 ALP Placement

    Hi all, Would love some input on front ALP. We have 2Rx+1Tx. The Tx is going in the emblem. Where do you guys think the Rx should sit? We initially though on the top of the lower intake grill beside the license plate (not shown), but it seems too low. Any Thoughts?
  11. Smason

    TMG 8.06 PL2 Quick Test

    I know that a PL2 isnt much to fight against, but its all ive got atm. Nontheless, JTG from all angles and aiming everywhere. Re triggering etc..
  12. Smason

    Scatter question

    Hey guys, I had an alert to poliscan, which is not used. There was a new Lexus in front of me so that makes sense. Anyways my question is that I still slammed on my breaks to JTK, and before I was at PSL, it announced "interference detection". Does that mean that my autokill is set short? I...
  13. Smason

    ALP head spacing

    Hey guys, I've got 2 options for 2 Rx + 1 Tx. The Tx will be CM, and the Rx is up for grabs. What do you guys think? A or B. Option A would also have issues (I assume) with the plate extending past. Let me know what you guys think!
  14. Smason

    Fraser Valley Rear Laser Threat?

    As the title says, Im curious of the extent of lidar direction. We know the guns... DETC,TSS,MM/UL etc.. To those running jammers, Ive only ever seen front laser (Abbotsford, Mission, Fort Langley). How often do we see rear shots?
  15. Smason

    Smartphone App?

    Hey guys, I have a quick jaunt on the weekend in a family member's vehicle. Alongside possible RD saves, id also like to have footage incase of an incident. Are there any (android) apps that will record in the same way as a dashcam? ie. overwriting itself until i save a section? This is only a...
  16. Smason

    Calgary! What is this? Sound detection?

    Walking to class this morning and came across this by the SAIT main campus. Any idea what the motive is for this? note - sorry for the screen cap.. I cannot for the life of me get the pole photo to rotate vertically. Im very upset.
  17. Smason

    In The Wild! Round Two

    I absolutely love spotting jammers in the wild. First ALP system nonetheless. Install looks pretty good, TX was a little shelved but then again its only transmitting so not a big deal i guess? No NRDSP, he had an old detector with the suction mounts. I think it was a Passport. It's soo...
  18. Smason

    HOW MUCH?!?!

    Laser Interceptor Dual - $1700 USD Well this is mildly infuriating... :mad: Maybe its a good deal since he paid 2k for them. And its his loss and your gain... I feel like this person is just dumb or trying to take advantage of someone who is. Either way.. Thoughts?
  19. Smason

    Edmonton Police Job

    So I'm taking university course and today was a career fair type deal. I saw EPS in the corner and they were using a dragoneye to see who could run fastest. I went up and asked him all sorts of questions that a kid should not know about speed enforcement (lol) and he said they could use a...
  20. Smason

    Ebay No reserve HP905 Quad

    At 150USD at posting. ~5hrs remaining!! blinder quad laser ja NIB HP-905 Compact No Reserve 821313090522 | eBay