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  1. DU5T3R

    Close Call on I-20 West Monroe w/R7

    I was traveling west on I-20 on Independence Day. I had several rabbits ahead of me, and with about 1/2 mile between us, we were going +20 PSL. Armed with Waze and my R7, we felt comfortable with our situation until we got into the Monroe, LA area. Driving through the city made me feel a little...
  2. DU5T3R

    Refurbished R7 Curiosity

    I purchased a refurbished R7 and it is supposed to be delivered today. Is anyone interested in seeing photos of this? I would also like to know settings recommendations for the I-20 corridor. I drive mostly in NW Louisiana, but I also spend considerable time in East Texas, and Hwy 59 going...
  3. DU5T3R

    Greetings from Louisiana!

    I wanted to stop in and say hello. I have been reading threads on RDF and watching RD review videos for about a month. I haven't purchased a radar detector yet, but I'm ready to pull the trigger after bringing myself up to speed. I typically only drive +3 to 4 PSL, but I am known to make a...