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  1. William Boney

    Great to be a new member in the forum (Atlanta GA)

    I would like to introduce myself to the members of the forum. My name is William Boney and I live in Atlanta, GA (Alpharetta) and have recently purchased a Valentine One, The aadd-on apps for Valentine One such as YaV1, JBV1, V1 Driver and V1 the app have added a new dimension to this...
  2. William Boney

    JBV1 Startup Connection Sound

    When I star JBV1 I get a Male voice saying KA 34.7. I do have YaV1 and Vq driver installed but I cant find a link. I did download the YaV1 sounds from vortex which includes this .wav. I deleted the .wav and mp3 version but I still get this annoying announcement before the JBB1 announcement...