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  1. zero187

    34.1 Ka first sighting

    So I've been driving with my YaV1 app and logging all the alerts for 2-3 weeks now so I can figure out what frequency cops are using in my area. 99% of the alerts have been either 34.7 or 35.5 with only +/-.25 ghz. However, this morning I got an alert for a 34.1 Ka. Could this be a false from a...
  2. zero187

    YaV1 In the box muting without Phone

    Quick question about In the Box muting. I have my YaV1 app set up to mute In the Box 33.5-33.7 to help prevent Cobra falses. My question is, if I don't have the phone connected via Bluetooth, will the V1 alert to 33.5-3.7? Or does the In the Box muting setting get pushed to the V1 so I don't...
  3. zero187

    V1C YaV1 question - One time setup so I don't have to keep phone connected?

    Hey RDForum experts, I'm looking to get the V1C upgrade next week (just sent my detector in for the ESP upgrade). However, after doing quite a bit of reading I can't seem to figure out if you need to always pair your phone with V1C/YaV1 or if I can just program the custom sweeps using YaV1...