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  1. Rango

    Red Light Camera Ban - Sing a petition to ban. Going before congress this year.

    Illinois commuters please sign a petition to ban Red light Camera enforcement in Illinois. It is going before the senate this year. The link to sign it it is on very bottom of the article. Thank you in advance. Others are welcome to help out and sign it as well. ILLINOIS DRIVERS MAY SEE END OF...
  2. Rango

    BlackVue 900s vs 750s with Night Vision ON. Thoughts?

    Guys. What do you guys think of the shootout of Blackvue 900s vs 750s with NIght vision ON for night recording and details. I found this video but does anyone have both of those cameras that can comment on. On one hand 900s lighting is low but plates are more legible. On other hand 750s with...
  3. Rango

    R3 Red Light Camera Database. Submission of RLC to be added.

    Guys so how do we submit RLC discovery that is NOT in RLC database of Uniden's. Latest DB i have installed on my R3 is 04/03/2018 so it's the latest that is available at this time. I'm creating this as in hopes DB gets also updated with 1.38 firmware. The RLC camera location that is missing...
  4. Rango

    LSD Lake Shore Drive Chicago Illinois. Memorial Day Weekend. No Radar Alert.

    So Chicago PD i've seen LEO parked on the medium between southbound and northbound in perpendicular fashion, so i'm assuming his front antenna clocking northbound traffic and rear antenna was clocking southbound traffic. No alert from R3 on Ka and no alert on K band. Drove by him twice. Was he...
  5. Rango

    Ka filter on Uniden R. What does it actually filter specifically?

    So when driving with Ka filter OFF while entering my condo building i would get false on 33.750 frequency. After i applied filter i filtered out what i think it is satellite dish as we have them. It no longer alerts while i enter with it ON. But what else does it filter specifically anyone...
  6. Rango

    R3 Display OLED over bleeds and yellowing. Anyone having this issue?

    Guys. Anyone having R3/R1 OLED display over bleeds and yellowing of it? I'm like 10 months in of use of it.
  7. Rango

    Free new R3 USB Firmware cable. Limit 2 per person.

    Free new R3 USB Firmware cable, if anyone is looking for one, after man rebate.
  8. Rango

    R3 vs State Trooper and R3 is dead silent

    So i'm driving on highway with R3 (hwy) in left lane and going 73 75mph and i look in my back mirror and there is state trooper in middle lane few hounded feet behind me. My R3 is dead silent. I'm like oh snap as i am first car in the column and there is 2 cars behind me. So i slow down and...
  9. Rango

    Uniden R3 and R1 box sealed or not?

    Hi guys. Did your Uniden R3 or R1 box (not ups box) was sealed with sticker seal or none at all?
  10. Rango

    Radenso XP vs Ka 35.5 Hwy mode

    Radenso XP vs Ka 35.5 vs 34.7 vs K 24.12. Firmware 1.25 & 1.26 Hi guys. What is up with Ka 35.5 band giving such a short detection distance. I'm not gonna blame this on XP (hwy mode) as my Passport X50 (M4) in hwy mode also detected at same same distance so this has something to do with LEO...
  11. Rango

    Radenso XP vs Red light and Speed Cameras

    Has anyone tested their XP on red light and speed cameras and how it behaves, especially since it has directional travel database. I didn't find any videos on youtube vs cameras. If anyone is willing to test this out in the downtown of your city i would greatly appreciate your contribution...
  12. Rango

    Valentine v2 ?

    Guys i just watched one of vortex videos and he talks about update to v1 with new display and valentine having new patents on newer version. I realize this is video from 2015 so is that dead in the water or we have a thread here somewhere talking about it. I couldn't find thread referencing new...