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    X band V1G2

    During the summer I ran across X-Band in Ohio along I-70 as well as once on route 250 by Tappen Lake over the fourth of July weekend.
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    Hi from PA

    Welcome Bill, I'm over in western Pa. I also upgraded my V1 to last version of Gen 1 in late 2017 for the same reason. Every year they bring the statewide radar use up for a vote. The house will vote for it and the senate lets it sit and die. The next year the senate will vote for it and the...
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    So Few People Run Detectors These Days....

    Back in the eighties the national speed limit was 55 mph, today most interstate speed limits are 70 mph.
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    VR Having Vendor Problems

    Everything is tight off the shelf and custom included. When it's hard to find componants for reloading you're in a sellers market. Most of the common calibers, the popular bullets are sold out. .30 caliber and .224's are really getting scarce.
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    VR Having Vendor Problems

    Sounds like me back in 2003 when I ordered a new tactical rifle which already had a nine to twelve month wait time. I was told I had to wait an additional six months so my gunsmith could catch up with his Military orders that were being sent to the sandbox.
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    V1G2 Impression. (used it for 2 weeks)

    Especially when they're having to shut down the upgrades because TOO MUCH business is coming in. Your detector is in such demand that it's in back order for weeks because VR can't keep up with the new orders. That would make any competitor jealous.
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    V1G2 Impression. (used it for 2 weeks)

    yeah, Pa has that Dark Grey and Trooper in black on the side. They are hard to pick out while sitting in the weeds. Lucky for us they aren't allowed to use moving radar.
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    V1G2 Impression. (used it for 2 weeks)

    I passed a speed sign above the road by Harrisburg that posted the speed of individual cars in each lane of the road. Worst part the Gen 1 never alerted to what ever system they were using to clock the vehicles before a tight curve telling them to slow down. Waze worked really well but only...
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    V1G2 Impression. (used it for 2 weeks)

    Spent the day driving 350 miles each way to Philadelphia running my V1G1 with JBV1. BSM's weren't that bad today and the Pa. State Police were wonderful, I couldn't have ask for more I/O shots to test my detector than I saw today. I have the JBV1 set up the best you can do to quiet it down...
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    X Band in places outside of Ohio and NJ

    Ohio is still using X Band because I saw a OSP nail a Civic two weeks ago using X band. If you run I-70 you'll see lots of X Band used by OSP. They use everything X, K, Ka, and Laser across the state. The X band antennas are large so they mount them on the light bars.
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    Will Thinner Motor Oils Damage Your Engine? . . . Video

    Those of you with Hemi's be warned they don't like to be idled. There seems to be a serious design issue with the lubrication system in those engines. They moved the camshaft a little farther from the crank and the cams are splash lubricated. There is also a problem with cam and lifter...
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    V1G2 No Longer on Backorder

    I did it the old way and sent a check with my old V1 and I had my new V1G1 in less than 10 days back in 2017.
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    New to forum - V1Gen2 user

    Welcome to the board.
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    Rethinking L Mode

    Running JBV1 I have it set up to run Large L at 40 mph or less, above 40 mph it switches to small L.
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    What is a great used first car?

    Toyota Corolla or Camry with the four cylinder, any transmission. Honda Civic regular automatic or manual transmission, stay away from Honda CVT transmissions, they tend to be weak if driven hard. Honda Accords with six cylinders are having issues with their CVT transmissions due to the...
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    DOA after power down

    Just remember there is an average 3% failure rate with all electronics. If doesn't sort itself out don't be afraid to send it back under warranty.
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    How Hot a V1 Gets in a Parked Car

    I've been using windshield sun shades for almost twenty years. The difference between using one and not is always a good twenty or more degrees inside the vehicle on days above 80 degrees. I might be overly cautious but I would never leave a $400 or now $500 radar detector on the windshield...
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    Drove LA to Vegas and back got 3.....X BAND alerts!?

    Well there you go again answering a question that had me really puzzled. I was down in the mountains of West Virginia over the 4th, not a vehicle or building in sight and I would get X Band Alerts out of the blue as they say. It really bugged me wondering what was going on. V1G1 and JBV1.
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    Squirrel's Thoughts on the G2

    That's the same problem I have with my G1 in my Prius. I have to put a thin piece of cardboard between the mount and the front of the detector to get it to be perfectly horizontal.
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    Waze, Highway Radar, and JBV1

    Bloovy One, thank you.