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  1. LouG

    Redflex locked out

    This caught me by surprise. The only pole mount near me was locked out (24.092). The database alerted me fine, but the detection was muted. I don't go past it that often, in fact I haven't been through there on the bike since May. I assume all the previous lockouts would have been transferred to...
  2. LouG

    KV toggle

    Is it possible to have one in the swipe sideways band selector? Just to enable KV changes without pushing another profile
  3. LouG

    Dedicated phone for V1 on bikes

    I've just bought a Blackview BV5500 Pro from Aliexpress. Waterproof with well sealed ports, 4400 mha battery, 3G and 4G, shockproof, bright 5.5" screen, running Android 9. $US81.00. It's the cheapest waterproof phone I've found.
  4. LouG

    Reaction time

    Obeers near ticketing experience got me thinking about reacting to Ka alerts in particular, because that's all I have to deal with. Since our cops went to Ka Stalkers I've always slowed or braked at the first sniff depending how fast I'm going. The reason being that they mainly use I/O on rural...
  5. LouG

    Gen 2 as an investment?

    Someone is selling a new Gen 2 on Trade Me (our Ebay) for, wait for it...................$NZ1500 buy now. That's $500 more than it costs to land one with shipping and taxes paid. Not to mention way more than I'm earning in interest on my investment account. He has a buyer, and that's fine. If...
  6. LouG

    V1 Gen 2 durability on a bike

    Has anyone done significant mileage using a Gen 2 yet? My Gen 1's have been bullet proof from a weather/shockproof basis, I'm curious about the newbie.
  7. LouG

    Gen 2 v Redflex

    I dodged the lockdown and went 30 km's over the hill to the nearest Redflex pole mount. There was a lot of traffic, mainly trucks, that made doing repeated U turns a tad risky. So I only managed 4 runs. My Gen 2 is running CF's, K band is 23.900 to 24.110, box muted outside of that, side and...
  8. LouG

    New things in the header?

    Phone header that is. What is "net"? And, why is "V1C" flickering?
  9. LouG

    Ka falsing- Gen 1 3.8940

    My Gen 1 3.8940 has taken to falsing between Ka 34.872 - 34.892, mostly at 34.881. The V1 is mounted just behind and to the left of the phone, inches apart, it's on a bike, no onboard transmitters of any sort. The falsing can be on rear, front and side arrows and lasts for 1 or 2 beeps...
  10. LouG

    Gen 2 K sweep range

    I've searched but I can't find the K band sweep ranges in USA and Euro mode. I believe USA only goes down to 24.050 and Euro goes to 23.900. If so, and I want to stay in USA mode to use L and l modes, can I just enter CF's for 23.900 - 24.110, leave Ka sweeps native and push that to V1?
  11. LouG


    I've just been reading the manual and it seems I have to run custom freqs in USA mode to get down to 23.9xx for Reflex, or run Euro mode. Does Euro mode on Gen 2 sweep all of Ka band, or is it like Gen 1 and need custom freqs.
  12. LouG

    A coupla things

    I'm getting an "alert stall" warning on power off since 1.10.2. What is that, and how do I kill it? I'm also getting a K false at times that quiet ride doesn't mute, any ideas?
  13. LouG

    Something to watch out for

    I've just switched to a new/old phone on the bike, from one Samsung S4 that's been on the bike for 6 or 7 years to another that was an unused spare. There were a few annoyances on the old phone that didn't happen with the newer phone in the car, so I finally got round to changing a few settings...
  14. LouG

    A very close call.

    So we had a weekend away in the big smoke. Had no Ka alerts going there and didn't use the car while there either. We're coming back and I get a couple of brief Ka alerts from behind that were no threat. Then I'm overtaking a car and get a moderate Ka alert behind, I'm slightly illegal at that...
  15. LouG

    A strange connection issue

    I started the car this morning and JBV1 and some other apps weren't displayed on my phone screen. So I rebooted, the apps were there, but JBV1 wouldn't start. It did display autostart enabled. I checked B/T status, the dongle was solid blue, even tried a spare phone, restarted the phone again...
  16. LouG

    Good news/bad news

    The Gummint has decided to change to a "highly visible" speed camera strategy similar to Swedens model, they'll be installing many more well marked cameras. I'm all in favour of this, making them easier to see is an excellent idea. We can disable K band again, and focus on the extra cops out...
  17. LouG

    Strange muting behaviour.

    I got a 34.7 alert yesterday, and it seemed to unmute the V1 for one of the many K falses I was getting at the same time. I was under quiet ride speed. I'd mute it via JBV1, but it would unmute. The Ka alert was continuous over the period. I have the JBV1 set to band priority.
  18. LouG

    Ka falsing

    I pinned a 34.8xx false to a late model Jap ute the other day. There was only him and I for some distance, the ramp up was strong, like I/O from a distance and disappeared almost instantly as he passed going the other way. I couldn't see anything in the windscreen, like a detector. I've always...
  19. LouG


    These anonymous post deletions are becoming ridiculous. What is this forum turning into? It seems V1 users can't respond to posts on our own forum, yet the trolls and fantasists get free reign. Is this a place for adults to have discussions or not? This hypersensitivity is going to kill this...
  20. LouG

    An interesting weekend

    We went up to Auck to get the car serviced and a few other things, like Black Friday shopping at the new 277. Just north of Morrinsville I got a very short alert from a cop. It would still have been a save if I was illegal, it was a very twisty section with steep elevation change. Then I got an...