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  1. Smason

    Radenso, i miss your weekly upload for youtube videos!

    This is truly my biggest hope for Theia. I believe the biggest game-changer would be the ability to send info to the RD, and not just receive them. Some of our more talented gentlemen could integrate waze data such that a police alert could show up on the RD itself. Not to mention...
  2. Smason

    Dashcam VS Tint

    My 2c would be cut out painters tape and mount to that.
  3. Smason

    Dashcam VS Tint

    I beg your pardon?
  4. Smason

    TMG single head?

    I was meaning to try with my Ultralyte but I never got to it.
  5. Smason

    New Tesla Model 3/Model Y or used Model S

    I like M3
  6. Smason

    Oil/Transmission fluid - AUDI - Car maintenance question

    Is this within manufacturer reccomendations? If so then Audi provided oil should be fine. Hop on the forums like audizine, I'm sure someone has asked this question before.
  7. Smason

    Radenso RC M and ALP combo thoughts?

    Is there an mp3 of the new tones? Just out of curiosity!
  8. Smason

    Tesla Model S Plaid

    The Lucid Air is out on track as well going to try and show up Tesla.
  9. Smason

    Tesla Model S Plaid

    I have been on the tesla bandwagon since the roadster, But does anyone remember the 2020 Roadster? 0-60 in 1.9s 250+ mph? 620 Miles of Range Delivery in 2020 Tesla has backtracked on half of that and so I'm reluctant to believe that this is EXACTLY what will be delivered.
  10. Smason

    HUDWAY Drive

  11. Smason

    Car came with K40 360 + Laser... Bin it? This is the Wanted by Members section, Make a new post and im sure someone can help you out. There are also good deals on buy-sell for used LJ.
  12. Smason

    New member

    Welcome! Long time lurker for sure!
  13. Smason

    Standalone Stinger Fiber Laser with Strip Control

    whats the speaker setup and alert tone like?
  14. Smason

    Any Interest in a 2018 Rally?

    2021? Ill bring something for sure.
  15. Smason

    Introducing "V1 Companion" ios app - *New* version 1.04 available.

    Id much rather throw a forum member a couple freedom bucks than be bombarded with ads.
  16. Smason

    ALP installed on 2020 BMW X6

    Looks good! Time to get tested and always JTK!
  17. Smason

    Hi, Im new here.

    You can, or I can tell you that 3 is optimal. 1600448673 Suggestions as far as placement and brand of LJ really depend on where you drive.
  18. Smason

    Hi, Im new here.

    Phenomenal cars my friend. The V8 Cayenne was one of my favorite SUVs. Since you're going the V1 route, I would recommend considering TMG. It will integrate seamlessly with JBV1. Depending on what guns you face, TMG is the best bang for buck and bar none Customer Service.
  19. Smason

    Hello from Oregon City, OR

    ^ Agreed. Washington does not use many difficult guns so a dual head setup would suit you nicely unless you travel outside of your state!