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  1. gorgid

    Can Theia be used with the RL360c ?

    You definitely can use both and monitor their activity. I use two detectors pretty often just for fun. In couple weeks of driving same route you will notice if anything abnormal. R7 and RL360C never complained about each other. 360c did it occasionally. Place it as far as you can from each...
  2. gorgid

    Jamming Dragon Eye Guns

    Yes, it was me testing it. That was older DE wit ECCM and DEC with no ECCM.
  3. gorgid

    performance lost by mounting heads vertical?

    Thanks , i'm aware of their statement. I have not see any degradation in my case . I have tested it on few cars with my 4 guns. Many things changes vehicle to vehicle. Once you have your set up you can go to local meet up and test your set up with two vs three heads. I'm planning to check...
  4. gorgid

    performance lost by mounting heads vertical?

    Thanks, but I don't want to take your toys from you. If you will have time next weekend I can stop for couple runs.
  5. gorgid

    Escort live IOS

    This way when you are back in the car you detector is connected to Escort Live right away. Otherwise you would have to open the app manually again.
  6. gorgid

    performance lost by mounting heads vertical?

    That was good deal, even for being older one. I missed that sale. We can check ZW5 against your DE on one of the weekends. We are next door from each other. 1598048045 The answer is no. I was very expecting PTS with two heads, thats why i bought more heads to play and test. Most of the tests...
  7. gorgid

    performance lost by mounting heads vertical?

    ZW5. I know Escort said that. But my testing on 5-6 vehicles ( 2 , 3, 4 up front) did not reveal any degradation. I have 4 sensors to play with. Since two sensors were installed vertically, i placed bellow one horizontally. I don't have a Dragon Eye gun, with all my other guns ZW5 shows great...
  8. gorgid

    performance lost by mounting heads vertical?

    I just mounted ZW5 with 3 heads on Volvo S60. Since the grill is vertical i placed two heads vertically close to headlights and head # 3 horizontally inside of the emblem. I tested with my 4 guns, all guns were jammed from 900ft to zero ft. I will be installing TMG on BMW similar way next week.
  9. gorgid

    Max 3 manual and AutoJTK not working?

    JTK is working on RL360C and ZW5. I have 4 second setting. First you can see " Shifting" and than just " Laser"
  10. gorgid

    Redline Software 360C Software Update 1.3 Is Available For Download

    I did, testing it now. I have to find those new Honda's on the road. 1594756887 I had it twice on 1.2 , i haven't got it on 1.3 yet. Also i'm in Florida and i could cook eggs on it , it was that hot.
  11. gorgid

    Redline Software 360C Software Update 1.3 Is Available For Download

    RL360C still going off on Hondas BSM. I got three so far.
  12. gorgid

    Redline 360c 1.3 Arrow & Rampup Retest

    Thanks Vortex , i guess we will see it against the Theia in near future.
  13. gorgid

    Redline 360c 1.3 Arrow & Rampup Retest

    Do you plan to Red Barn it one more time?
  14. gorgid

    Quick Run with Redline 360c V1.3 Firmware

    Thanks for quick test. Now i hope the Vortex will re- test it again soon.
  15. gorgid

    V1G2 can get hot enough to burn you while driving

    I'm in Florida. Usually detectors get very hot. Yesterday, i got message on RedLine 360C that's detectors is overheated and needs shutdown. I never had it on 360, 360c, R7 or V1G2.
  16. gorgid

    My Redline 360c problems

    There is way to fix over speed limit. First make sure the detector is not connected to your phone, for example when you home. Then switch over speed limit to desire setting. Once you in the car it will work. It does not let you switch when detector is connected to the app.
  17. gorgid

    R360C Dropping 34.7

    They do reply on their Escort forum, but not here.
  18. gorgid

    AI - Radenso Theia vs Escort Redline 360c

    There is no "AI" , RedLine 360C is face lifted 360C. They only improved KA sensitivity and brought it somewhere close to R7 and V1G2 level. R7 was at that level more than year ago. Also right now it's a big bug, not a working detector. I'm testing it for 3 days and it's not good. All issues...