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  1. cbbr

    Issues after update

    1) the system thinks that the GPS antenna is disconnected. Nothing has changed and it's all internal wiring, so that makes no sense. I hit the "reset defaults & memorize sensors" button, downloaded my profile from online, but that didn't help. Suggestions? 2) it sees X band constantly even...
  2. cbbr

    BT stuck in City Mode

    So my Miata was in the shop for a month (long story, parts availability...). No battery and everything disconnected because I had the front bumper off. I reconnected everything and it seems to be working (no warnings) but it is stuck in City Mode. WTH?
  3. cbbr

    Mag Mount Antenna question

    I have a Cobra 75 WX ST with a President New York mounted on the Miata. Although it's a mag mount, the trunk lid is aluminum, so I used sugru to mount it. The signal is non-existent... So here is the question - does the antenna need to be attached via the mag mount to work? I doubt it, because...
  4. cbbr

    2 detectors at the same time? I want to test the R1...

    I have F/R non-DSP NetRadar in my Miata and have a R1 that I picked up for my truck. If I run a R1on my Miata's windshield, will it cause a problem or will they interdefe with each other?
  5. cbbr

    Trying to update my R1. It won't connect to my laptop?

    I downloaded and unzipped the files. Installed the program and plugged the R1 into th ecomputer. THe Uniden program just searches... I have tried 2 cables. Both work with other stuff. Windows 10, USB 2 & 3 ports. No luck. Any suggestions?
  6. cbbr

    Louisiana State Police running K band

    I never would have guessed, but I passed 2 troopers this afternooon I-12 running K band. Both were on the shoulder doing some sort of presence work (lights on, no none pulled over). The NetRadar ramped up, switched to rear and ramped down - no doubt where the signal was comoing from. No other...
  7. cbbr

    Netradar - how low can you go?

    Installing a rear antenna (Arrows!) in my Miata. The best place will be behind the rear bumper valence. So that puts it behind faielry flat plastic about 10 inches off of the ground, dead center. Will that work?
  8. cbbr

    BlackSys CH-100B

    Anyone have any actual experience with one? I drive a Miata in the Louisiana sun and I was looking at the Blackvue DR650, but the Blacksys appears to be about the same and is recommended for hot weather. But benchracing aside, anyone actually use one?
  9. cbbr

    If I was going to buy a LIDAR for CM testing...

    Which one and why? I spend most of my time on Louisiana interstates and have ALPS sensors installed. So which gun would be best, and which would be the best bang for the buck to test?
  10. cbbr

    Learning curve for a LIDAR gun to test CM's

    If I buy/borrow one, is there much of a learning curve to use them? Not for law enforcement or "certified use", but just for testing my ALP setup.
  11. cbbr

    Stuck on Detect?

    ALP Newb here... I am running a new ALP set up - 2 heads, BT, NetRadar. I have updated the firmware and set it up with no problem. Yesterday, it worked great. Last night, I connected the GPS antenna, reset the system and re-loaded the profile. I chose the option with defense because...
  12. cbbr

    Eff it, we'll do it live...

    Why test? So today was day one for my new install - Baton rouge to Monroe. Small towns, Interstate, you name it. The NetRadar is fantastic. There were a few light falses, but it picked up Ka band from very far out and kept me under the limit multiple times. I also had a couple of K band...
  13. cbbr

    Test anywhere near Baton Rouge?

    Any chance that there is anyone who can test my new AL Priority setup in La? Baton Rouge or NOLA would be perfect.
  14. cbbr

    New Install

    on my 2015 Miata Club. 2 fronts plus NetRadar. The heads matched the front bumper well enough and I wanted them higher than the grill, so I cut the bumper knockouts and mounted them directly. The knockouts are only about $35/pr if I want to replace them later. The heads are almost level, and...
  15. cbbr

    How high does the antenna need to be mounted?

    I am looking at a NetRadar to go with my anticipated ALP purchase. But I drive a Miata. Is the antenna going to be high enough in the grill to work well? Would it be much better to mount it behind the mirror? I would rather it not be seen at all if possible, but don't want to interfere with...
  16. cbbr

    Louisiana Interstates

    I am just starting to look at setups for my Miata. Most of my driving is on the interstates in Louisiana. State wide. I am going to do this in stages (money...) and want to keep everything hidden because, well, its a convertible. I would like to keep the total investment around $1,000-$1500...