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  1. Bren3dan

    Getting false alert from the new G wagon

    I recently noticed that if I have a Mercedes G wagon (the newest one, doesn't happen with the old one) on my ass, my ALP jammers will go off and indicating a TruSpeed gun. Anyone experiencing similar problems or is it just me? My guess is the active safety system on that car but idk
  2. Bren3dan

    Installer near SoCal

    I recently got an ALP system installed by Rocco's Auto Tech at Newport Beach, with two heads in both front and back. I also got two netradar antenna. However, a few advanced users pointed out that my front netradar is installed very poorly since it's deep inside the engine bay. The front heads...
  3. Bren3dan

    Any Lidar testing in Socal?

    Just got my ALPs, wanting to see if they work alright and the installation is good. Anyone can help out testing the jammers?
  4. Bren3dan


    Hey everybody. Found out this forum through vortex radar. Just got my jammer and radar, wish me luck!!