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  1. LouG

    Uniden R7 NZ

    No sad face needed, I got 1 - 1.2 km warning and wasn't speeding anyway. That road is much busier since I lived there.
  2. LouG

    New R7 worked a treat...

    No, our cops like food scraps as bribes.
  3. LouG

    2.4.3 released

    Tried a cache clean on the P 10, or a reinstall of JBV1? I'm running two Chinese phones and they're perfectly fine with GPS. Better than my old Samsungs
  4. LouG

    Kudos to Valentine

    I'm sure they've fixed those early QC problems, the power issue is definitely OK now after the May 2020 upgrade. I'm using my second Gen 2 in the car now and I've got a touch of the "is it as good as No1" syndrome. Mainly because I haven't had a "knock your socks off" hit yet. But when you get...
  5. LouG

    Bluetooth Security Passkey

    If you're worried about other drivers changing settings, take the V1 down. I wouldn't leave it in the car for other drivers to speed with anyway, let them buy their own.
  6. LouG

    Best small radar detector?

    V1 Gen2 is the most compact high end detector. You can get smaller if you sacrifice performance.
  7. LouG

    Who else second guesses their detector choice?

    Nope. V1G2 plus JBV1 is the only choice for me. For a start, nothing else works with JBV1, and nothing else comes close to Gen 2 for quality and visual appeal.
  8. LouG

    Cop cars and radar

    Yeah, you really only defend it to stick it to the man, not be a sheeple. I remember one rich lister here some years ago who had a traffic expert lawyer on retainer. The cops hated it, he won more than he lost.
  9. LouG

    All new alerts under Savvy threshold come in at muted volume?

    Isn't that what it's supposed to do? Mute all alerts to the mute level you have set?
  10. LouG

    Cop cars and radar

    While I agree with defending it these days, based on the low standards of modern Police intellect, cops are still considered to be expert witnesses and the courts do place more reliance on their expertise with things like speed estimation.
  11. LouG

    Purchased New Uniden R7

    Even the ones who don't use Unidens? That's truly amazing
  12. LouG

    Updated List of Mechanical Issues with the new V1G2

    I could hear the collective sigh of relief from here.😌
  13. LouG

    BMW power source choices

    Ok, with you now. There must be adapters available.
  14. LouG

    Uniden R7 NZ

    Had my first C/O hit yesterday on Fairy Springs Rd. The cop repellant has worn off.
  15. LouG

    Cop cars and radar

    IIRC The OP is from NZ? Down here the cops only use Stalkers on 34.7 for mobile radar. They're in Commodores (marked and unmarked) and Holden Equinox SUVs. You can also see them in dog vans and CVIU utilities. I also saw a Holden Captiva marked unit down south on the Pig route back in 2013. The...
  16. LouG

    BMW power source choices

    I don't see why the Bemmer cig lighter won't do the job? You may be surprised how easy a hardwire is on a lot of cars. On my Cupra Ateca the fuse box is right behind the glove box which just unclips, there was a vacant slot with switched 12v, then it was just a matter of wiring in the adapter...
  17. LouG

    2.4.0 released

    I finally got it installed in both phones. Don't Techy people make things sound easy😀 Now for some testing. I've got a trip coming up next week, up Stalker alley.
  18. LouG

    V1 never ramps up?

    I had that exact scenario. The cop had waited till he saw a speeder, then hit the button. He ignored all the cars ahead of the target car who were obviously at the limit. Some cops aren't stupid.
  19. LouG

    2.4.0 released

    *** Content removed ***
  20. LouG

    To seg or not to seg, that is the question.

    Better get that cough checked out.