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    Not a terrible job by Road & Track In seemingly no particular order they give: V1G2 DFR7 R360c R7 9500ix(?) Pro M I'd probably swap the R3 for the 9500ix, but I've seen much worse from mainstream sources. Descriptions are generally pointing...
  2. Signal Environment

    Lessons Learned: Six Hundred miles of weekend roadtrip with my Pro M

    Took a quick trip up to a friend's place in northern Michigan with my Pro M. With winter leading directly into pandemic season, I hadn't really gotten any multi-hour trips with it, just a lot of around-town driving and some short hops of an hour or so. Main takeaways: Enforcement was very...
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    Valentine Advising of Upgrade Delays

    Probably should have been sent out sooner, but better late than never. I had not sent in an upgrade, so I believe this is going to everyone on their mailing list.
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    V1 G2: Why do I care about knob vs buttons?

    Edit in progress.
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    Pro M Setup: How aggressive do you get with K City Level?

    I'm 4 months into Pro M ownership and enjoying it so far. Ran it on the default settings for a while just to get a feel for it. Now starting to play around with settings. Police do use K band here, but there are a lot of door openers etc that give K falses. How high have you gone with K City...
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    Hi All, introducing myself as per local custom. I'm in northern Indiana, where X band is sometimes a thing and laser still generally isn't. Started running a detector in 2008. At that time everyone told me that Valentine was the best. Being a natural contrarian I did a bunch of research to...