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  1. pwrpuma

    Oil Filters - Some are Unique, Some are the same with Different Colors

    Yesterday, I found this video on Youtube about oil filters that I found really interesting. For starters, the host is a knowledgeable technician for Subarus who, for this episode, was discussing the variety of oil filters that customers can choose. The video is geared for Subaru owners, but the...
  2. pwrpuma

    My Radenso

    After moving to a new place, I could not find my previous detector, so after doing some research and using my experience from past detectors of all kinds, I chose the new Radenso Pro M. I will definitely put this detector through some challenges, in one of the nation's worst states (errrm...
  3. pwrpuma

    ALP Radar Detector Combo - NetRadar vs Radenso RC M

    Help me understand this: 1. ALP Net Radar Combo with DSP ($2359.75) - rd does not use a control module (detachable OLED module) and relies on the ALP BT app for all alerts. 2. Radenso RC M Ultimate Edition ($3999.99) - rd uses an OLED control module, in addition to the ALP Laser Defense kit...
  4. pwrpuma

    Returning Member

    Yep - I’m a returning member. As silly as it may sound, a lot has changed in three years, so I have a lot of catching-up to do. I’m starting to feel a lot like Jon Snow in Season 1 Episode 1, while the rest of the community is on Season 8 :cool: We need more emojies (that list hasn’t changed).
  5. pwrpuma

    Oil quality and Oil filters

    I found this video in the morning showing a viscosity test of four motor oils in cold temperatures. Additionally, this video showed a breakdown of some popular oil filters:
  6. pwrpuma

    Newburgh Heights OH - DragonEye Cam

    For those that live in or around Newburgh Heights, Ohio, or for those who may drive through that area, be aware that the DragonEye Cam is used in the town. I came across this news article with some video of the agents using the laser gun...
  7. pwrpuma

    K40 RLS2 - Review

    Why do people buy K40 radar detectors or their laser "jammers" like the G5 Diffuser? Were they good at some point in time, and if so what year and what model was so impressive that it left a mark on the brand? If you are a new buyer of a radar detector or laser jammer, please view the...
  8. pwrpuma

    Stinger VIP Radar - Review

    Below is a link to our recent Stinger VIP Radar review: This Stinger VIP Radar review was developed based on testing and daily use by Vortex, jdong, and kasher1979. In this review, we cover all the features of the new Stinger VIP...
  9. pwrpuma

    Escort Max 360 Review

    Below is a link to our recent Escort Max 360 Review: This Escort 360 radar and laser detector review was put together based on testing and weeks of daily use by Vortex, PointerCone, and Brainstorm69. In this review, we cover all the...
  10. pwrpuma

    Beltronics GT-7 Review

    Below is a link to our recent Beltronics GT-7 Review: This Beltronics GT-7 radar and laser detector review was put together based upon the feedback of two of our forum members, Vortex and CJR238. In this review, we provide information...
  11. pwrpuma

    Uniden LRD950 Review

    Below is a link to our recent Uniden LRD950 Review: This review was compiled from data gathered by our members Vortex and hiddencam, who are two of our most notable enthusiasts in this hobby. This detector scored very well in long range...
  12. pwrpuma

    Radenso Pro Review

    Below is a link to our recent Radenso Pro Review: A lot of work, money, and coordination took place between our members to make this review available in order to provide new members with accurate information and expand the knowledge base...
  13. pwrpuma

    SiRFStar III - Outdated?

    Out of curiosity I decided to look into the type of GPS receiver used in the Escort Passport Max2 in order to see if there were any other changes made from the Passport Max to the Passport Max2. The two detectors, manufactured almost a year apart, share the same GPS receiver chipset named the...
  14. pwrpuma

    Stinger VIP Radar Detector and LIDAR System - Manual

    Stinger VIP Radar Detector and LIDAR System Manuals VIP Radar and Laser Manual - User Manual (as of 13 DEC 2015):
  15. pwrpuma

    Valentine One - Remote Enclosure

    I came across this site this afternoon, and I noticed they sold an enclosure for Valentine One detectors. I contacted Valentine this evening and asked them if that retailer is an authorized seller, so I will report back here with what they say. From what I can tell, most of their Valentine...
  16. pwrpuma

    Waze - Under Scrutiny

    I found this article about popos in California complaining about Waze's usefulness in showing their location: - Someone else will just make an app if Waze gives into these idiots.
  17. pwrpuma

    AntiLaser Priority HiFi Speaker Tutorial - Credits: Video by Vortex (forum Moderator) Introduction The AntiLaser Priority (ALP) HiFi Speaker module is an accessory to the ALP System that provides users clear, audible alerts through the module's external speaker. In comparison, without...
  18. pwrpuma

    Passport Max and Max 2 - Owner Survey

    The following is a thread to survey the membership here on the number of times a member has had to return their Passport Max or Passport Max 2 for warranty related problems. I stopped using my Passport Max after my second warranty related issue, and if I was a prospective buyer, I would have...
  19. pwrpuma

    Radar and Laser Jammer Installers

    I need some help from members who have had successful or horrible installations at businesses. There is a good number of members who seek this kind of information in order to get their radar or laser jammers installed. If you have had a successful installation at a business please use this...
  20. pwrpuma

    Radar Detector Lineup - Simple Picture

    I took a simple picture of four popular radar detectors to show new members the size differences between them. When I show people that have never seen a Valentine V1 radar detector, they seem to always be surprised by how small it appears. The pictures of the Valentine V1 radar detector in...