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  1. Rocky Road

    Who Will Handle The Warranty Work For Theia?

    Not sure if this has been asked, but I was sitting here thinking about this. If a person were to have an issue with their unit, where would it be sent for repairs? Would it go to Radenso HQ, or back to the builders of Theia? @Jon at Radenso or @Randy at Radenso
  2. Rocky Road

    What Do Yall Make of This??

    Passed by a Florence County Sheriff Deputy tonight point blank, and did not get a full ramp up as I passed them. I have video of this, but it's late, and I don't have time to upload it. Here is the log. I'm trying to figure out what happened. I turned around to pass them again, they went to a...
  3. Rocky Road

    What Is A Good Entry Level Scanner?

    I'll be taking a few more road trips soon, and I was wondering what is a good entry level scanner. My budget is $200-$300. If there is one less, then great! Thanks in advance. I don't have laser jammers, so I'm looking for as much advance warning on traps as possible. I will be using HWY Radar...
  4. Rocky Road

    Is Anyone With Any Brand RD Seeing Strange K Band Hits?

    Ok folks, about 2 weeks ago I got a K band hit of 24.236 on my R7 on my way to lunch. It seemed like an I/O shot out of no where. On my way back from lunch, I got the same hit. Now today(I've been running my RL-O this week) I got a 24.239 hit in around the same location to and from the same...
  5. Rocky Road

    V1+JBV1+Android Head Unit....Does Anyone Run That?

    As some of you know, I owned a V1(Along with the le dongle) for about a week before I sent it back and bought an R7. After I sent it back, I got to thinking about how it would have been if I had a android head unit in my car working with JBV1. My question is....Does anyone on here run this kind...
  6. Rocky Road


    Why are you frustrated you may ask? When I 1st came on RDF, I came seeking knowledge of RD's. I was happy that I found the right spot. Prior to that, I started 1st trying to learn about them on my own, but after some bad purchases and some returns, I started searching for a better way. After...
  7. Rocky Road

    My 1st Week With The V1....Umm...

    This post may ruffle some feathers, or it may not. My 1st week with the V1 was.....lets just say not what I was expecting. I knew when I made the purchase that the V1 did not have the range(sensitivity) of the Redline-O and R3(Both I still own). I just didn't know by how much. This past week has...
  8. Rocky Road

    Made The Hard Choice!

    Hello RDF Family. It's been awhile since I've been on, but if some of you remember, for awhile I've been toiling over if i should get a V1. I've gone from my tried and true Redline-O, to my now trusted and awesome R3. Some folks may think I'm crazy for buying a V1 when the R7 is coming out. I...
  9. Rocky Road

    Before I Pull The Trigger: Can The V1.....

    Hello RDF Family, If you all don't mind me asking a few questions? Some of you may know that I've been thinking about buying a V1 for quite awhile now. I currently own and run an R3 as my daily driver. My Redline-O is my Ex-Wife now. I love my R3 and would not depart from using it.....but, it's...
  10. Rocky Road

    Would You Rather Have: All Threat Display, Or A Bogey Counter?

    GE RDF. The reason I ask this question is because of the video that @Driver66 posted on "Real World Videos". Driver had 2 hits along the same stretch, but he seemed confused as to wether it was still the 1st threat. Now I know All Threat will show multiple signals, but it's so small to read(at...
  11. Rocky Road

    Yi Mirror Dash Cam. This Looks Viable.

    Was looking at info on the A119s, and saw this. Anyone here has one?
  12. Rocky Road

    Just Got My A119s! (I'm ready to up my game!)

    Just got my A119s in the mail today. Wanted to post a quick test video to get some tips and tricks. I did order the CPL filter, was so excited to test out the cam, I forgot to put it on. Please excuse the glare. Only hit I got was a Chrysler Pacifica punch threw.
  13. Rocky Road

    Is it Possible For Redline-O To Be Upgraded For Better BSM Falsing From Other Than Escort?

    Perhaps this has been asked before(If so, my bad), but I was wondering if the Redline-O could be updated from an outside developer other than ER?
  14. Rocky Road

    Best Detectors 2018(Something To Laugh Ourselves to Sleep Over Tonight)

    Was looking over some detector reviews and saw this. Thought it might be a good "Laugh Yourself to Sleep" material.
  15. Rocky Road

    RDF Is Going To Make Me Broke

    What's Up RDF Family! Let's see if I can explain the title. I joined this great forum last year(Hasn't even been a full year yet), and have bought a Redline-O that I really enjoyed until it became to chatty for me. That now is in a box probably to never see the light of day again since I have...
  16. Rocky Road

    Question for the experts: Is there anyway to tell a legit K band signal from a false?

    Hello RDF folks. This question may have been answered before in some other thread, then if so, please point me there. I'm asking this question because I just got my new R3 this morning, and I am very pleased at how quiet it is(I have it set up to Vortex's recommended settings). I'm concerned...
  17. Rocky Road

    Did Anyone Else Jump On The Ebay $349 Redline Sale?

    Hey Guys/Gals, did any of the forum members jump on this deal? If so, what's your build date on it. The reason I'm asking is....The Magnum that I sent back to Amazon shockingly had the same build date as the Redline I just got from Ebay. Build date was 4816 for the both of them. It has be...
  18. Rocky Road

    Escargot Drive: Anyone have the "Suppress" feature working?

    Hey Guys/Gals, I am now running Escargot Drive with Waze integration, but i can not lock out(Suppress on ED) falses or known false locations. Magnum is my detector. The app works fine for me other than the lock outs.
  19. Rocky Road

    Magnum(PK): 2,5,8 or2,5,6,8?

    Hello again to the Forum and thanks for the welcomes. Thru my lerking before I joined the forum, I've observed people say to segment Magnums/Redlines and other BS capable RD's to 2,5,8. Now I've seen some responses to my post where some have 2,5,6,8 segmented. What is best?(I failed before to...
  20. Rocky Road

    Real World Question For The Vets On Here. Magnum PK Vs Redline

    Best guess from the experts on here: How much range am I actually losing having a MagnumPK vs the Redline?( I'm asking before I send the Magnum back) Seems like they run neck and neck on all of the youtube videos I've seen. Thank You for the responses on my previous thread.