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    New photo blocker license plate sticker Seems legit to the naked eyes
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    Radar Jammers I know radar jammers are illegal but is this legitimate?
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    8.18 issue?

    I done some testing with xbnipx and i am having instant pt. Is anyone else having this issue because when I was running on 8.16a, I was able to jtg easily.
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    Honda si

    Right now my LI is jtg when testing with my friends Truespeed20/20. i want to make it more stealth. If I move my jammers to the bottom near the fog lights, would I still be able to jtg? @Andrew21 suggestions?
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    K bands

    Which k bands frequency should I look out for in Pa/NJ? Also which frequency are false alerts thanks!
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    Static Shock on the LI heads

    Has anyone ever experience this problem where when you touch the LI heads(firing area next to the bubble), you create a huge shock that you could physically see and feel? Any possible damage can occur?
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    2008 honda CRV

    I have a 2008 honda CRV and thinking about placing a dual head in the front when I'm traveling to Florida. Will dual heads be enough to protect me from IPT? Also where should I place the dual heads for maximum protection?
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    Laser Interceptor Black Tuesday Started!

    $499.00 Laser Interceptor Dual FREE External Speaker and Tester! We price match our competitors' products! For the b.. $499.00 Laser Interceptor Dual BMW Edition FREE External Speaker and Tester! We price match our competitors' products! For the b.. $899.00 Laser Interceptor High Power...
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    Ka Radar

    By any chance anyone got a Ka radar in NYC that I could swing by and test out my max? I wish there's another ECCTG radar test! ;(
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    Which laser jammer do you recommend?

    I'm currently a college student with not a lot of money(the lower the better for my wallet). I'm in the market for a laser jammer. I don't speed a lot but at night time people are traveling 70+ on a 55mph zone. I stay at 70. I have a escort max radar detector. Can you guys suggest a laser...
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    Is my passport max defected?

    I was driving today on the highway on the very far right(3 lanes). I start receiving ka 34.78 alerts(4bars, less than half). 2 seconds later, the cop is on the opposite side(6 lane from me) sitting there waiting for speeder. My max still only have 4-5 bars. Shouldn't my max alert me with almost...