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  1. pwrpuma

    Rejected MODS - term limits?

    I had to go through the repository of our old forum, but I found it:
  2. pwrpuma

    Rejected MODS - term limits?

    I completely agree. I wish lessons from the past could be executed. I remember when the term limits for moderators was nearly implemented until the coup d’etat started. Sometimes you have to listen to your audience, by taking the hard right over the easy wrong.
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    INFO Reimbursement Claim Process

    @RaggedEdge - I received my claim, thank you
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    Rejected What happened to the non vendor advanced subforum (where vendors can't see what we're going on about)?

    As hiddencam mentioned, the discussions were not entirely about the legitimacy of a vendor’s claims. It was a place where we discussed variety of topics concerning products that we did not necessarily want shared. Instead of publicly dramatizing an issue or venting about something in particular...
  5. pwrpuma

    Rejected What happened to the non vendor advanced subforum (where vendors can't see what we're going on about)?

    I hear ya - I enjoyed discussing these topics in private because it kept representatives honest, which was one of the pillars of founding this forum. If things could be done differently, I would’ve made it a very exclusive section open to legitimate enthusiasts with years of membership under...
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    Announcement All social groups to be discontinued

    Py made this sound like it was discussed amongst the staff, yet you are saying you didn't know about it. I'm glad that the threads from the groups are still archived (it helps if you fix permissions), so yeah, I'd like to see these return and managed by the members that started them. Powered...
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    ALP Radar Detector Combo - NetRadar vs Radenso RC M

    I agree - the Radenso RC M is a more refined choice. Although I like BT features, having the control module hardwired is reliable. When I had the ALP BT module, other apps would once in a while interfere with the background processes and cause the ALP app along with others to stop.
  8. pwrpuma

    Rejected Social and Private Sections

    Why did you do this? I think you realize that the reaction from most of these group leads is the opposite of what you expect. This move is very upsetting, and there will be feedback.
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    What you shoud know - OCPD

    Uhhh bye
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    1995 Radio Shack Detector Vs Uniden R7 Part 2!

    @venom690 Thanks! Most of those radar detectors from Radio Shack were Bel detectors. In the early 90s and late 80s, Radio Shack sold detectors that were from Uniden.
  13. pwrpuma

    1995 Radio Shack Detector Vs Uniden R7 Part 2!

    Thanks for sharing @venom690 Do you have a close-up pic of the Radio Shack detector that you used?
  14. pwrpuma

    New user

    Welcome dude!
  15. pwrpuma

    made a visit to hq

    LMFAO - he most likely has a custom designed, remote mounted system. He strikes me as an eccentric pioneer with his own private masterpiece.
  16. pwrpuma

    Detailing someone's car and I came across a gem

    Nice - that stuff is really good at staining Our knowledge of how LIDAR works shows the naivety years ago when a person thought that Veil on the plates would negate a laser reading.
  17. pwrpuma

    4Runner 3 head ALP today

    Are the receivers in the “bubbles” directional? I remember orienting these properly on the LI units (a long time ago), but I’m not sure if the ALPs are built similarly? If not, then bubbles-In or bubbles-out is irrelevant.
  18. pwrpuma

    My Radenso

    @Vancity23 Before I bought the Radenso Pro M, I had the Valentine 1. I enjoyed the Valentine 1 because of its reliability and simplicity of use. Although the V1 was a no-frills type of detector, it had very good radar detection. I had so many Saves from it at above average distances. Secondly...
  19. pwrpuma

    Oil Filters - Some are Unique, Some are the same with Different Colors

    Ya, no kidding lol. Those OEM filters are about $8-$9 too, so they are definitely not worth the cost for that quality. Most of the time OEM parts are good, but in this case for the Subaru oil filters, alternative filters are better in terms of cost and quality. I’ll take a look at the Napa...