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    CSA Source

    Hi all, I recently got a second phone which happens to be Android, so I figured I would pair JBV1 with my V1G2. I love it so far! Quick question about CSA (police reports, in particular): what is the source? Are the alerts the same as Waze, or are they pulled from another app/database? Thanks!
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    Interested in Veil - but is it even worth it?

    Hey guys! I have been interested in applying Veil for a long time, but I am wondering if it's even worth it. I live in a state where we don't have front-license plates (PA) and I obviously don't have any dummy plates on the front. I drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee, and it's silver. My headlights...
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    V1 - What could have caused this laser false? (VIDEO)

    Hey guys! I was driving the other day and got a laser warning all of a sudden. I wasn't speeding so I didn't think much of it, but still wanted to see where the cop was. However, I never found him so it must have been a false. Some information: - I drive on this road every single day and have...
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    Noob questions

    Hey guys, I got my V1 about three days ago and the V1C LE that I ordered also arrived today! Now it's time to set it up and I have been looking into the different threads on this forum about settings and custom sweeps. I'm really not sure how all of this works so I figured I would just start my...
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    Do I need V1Connection LE?

    Hey guys! I bought the RX65 S7 about a month ago, but felt like I needed more. Therefore I am already selling my RX65 S7 again and just bought a Valentine One. Will be shipped tomorrow! I am wondering, do I really need to get V1Connection LE (custom sweeps) or will my detector do just fine...
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    RX65 S7 Settings

    I bought an RX65 S7 today so it should arrive in no more than a couple of days! Since I'm sure most of you have a lot of experience with this device, I was wondering; what settings would you advice me to use? I will only be driving in PA, NY and NJ. I definitely know that I want KA in USA mode...
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    RX65 - S7 or M4?

    Hey guys! I know there are a couple of threads on this subject already, but I haven't found a definite answer and I am looking to buy an RX65 as soon as possible. Should I go for an RX65 with the M4 antenna, or the S7 antenna? And why? I'm a newbie, so don't know what the advantages are of...
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    Lurker finally decided to register!

    Hey guys, I've been a lurker for a while but now finally decided to register and start posting! I started out with a Cobra (that was before I actually took the time to read these forums.. silly me) and I am looking for an RX65 right now. Will be buying it very soon. Awesome forum you guys have...