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    Won's Thinkware U1000 Thread

    Just wondering about the speed camera/red light camera feature. Are they up to date? Do they push firmware update often like escort do?
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    NoPhoto options?

    Correct me if I’m wrong but, In NY you only need to protect the back since there’s only rear facing cameras
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    NoPhoto options?

    Did you end up purchasing one? I was thinking of getting it, I work right by Garden City and it’s full of speed/red light camera
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    New $400 Cobra with DSP... the DSP 9200 BT

    Honestly i feel likes its almost on par with my v1, and i got it for under $100 new
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    Cobra 9200BT - Initial impressions

    depending on where you live, in nyc you would go nuts hearing alerts constantly when its not a threat
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    The Big Uniden vs M3 vs V1 vs RPSE Shootout May 16, 2017

    Am i the only one that is impressed by the cobra detection range? lol
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    Cobra 9200BT - Initial impressions

    it will auto turn on
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    Offical Cobra Aim Fail Thread

    Not a cobra but still a fail Good overpass detections :)
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    Cobra 9200BT - Initial impressions

    On par/beating the redline except 35.1 frequency.
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    Cobra 9200BT - Initial impressions

    snag one on eBay deal for $95 apparent from brd, its almost on par with the "ultra high end" detectors, like the v1
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    2017 BMW 540xi laser detection going off like crazy.

    Price for v1 wouldn't really drop because r1/r3 just came out. I say this because majority of the people that are going to buy rd is going to go with what everyone have, Escort and V1. You can see even with the max 360, v1 price used didn't drop
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    Only Thing Valentines Updating is Website

    if only r3 will come with arrows. Just purchased a new v1, couldn't stand rd without arrows
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    X-band Speed radar DEAD?

    I drive a lot between NYC to buffalo crossing NJ and PA. I always have my x band off and never got caught*. Knock on wood* lets keep it that way
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    Just bought a new Cobra 9200BT for TXCTG testing.

    Doesn't cobra leak occasionally? Sold my v1(needed the cash) so cant test if my 9200 leaks or not
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    Introducing the new Uniden R1 & R3 Series

    if only this have arrows i would be all over it...
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    Introducing the New Uniden R3 (GPS) Model! Kashers Pros and Cons

    how does the r3 compete with v1 rear radar detection?
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    R3, Redline, RPSE US20, Stinger VIP, Max360, V1, XP, etc. (33.8, 34.7, & 35.5) 4-9-17

    Re: R3, Redline, RPSE US20, Stinger VIP, Max360, V1, XP, etc (33.8, 34.7, & 35.5)4-9- wish i sent you my 9200bt for testing
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    Just bought a new Cobra 9200BT for TXCTG testing.

    I got myself one, i am very impressed with the range it detects. I'm not 100% confident that it would pick up i/o fast enough but for c/o i can rely on it
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    ALP and Carwash

    Seems like a manager isn't doing their job. There should be one watching the carwash, ready to hit the stop button if they see an accident going to occur. Unfortunately I'm a manager in delta sonic at the blvd location so i know the system. FYI, I wouldn't wash my car there because those long...
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    ALP Troubleshooting thread for Firmware updates

    Re: AntiLaser Priority Firmware Log - Control Box and Control Set Any leaks on whats going to be on the new firmware? :D