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    I'm in Houston

    I'm in Houston
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    I bought it in October... so 6 months is used up I guess...

    I bought it in October... so 6 months is used up I guess...
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    Best price for ALP system?

    Thanks for the heads up. I've PM'd two of the guys looking in this thread (not the Canadian guy - since dealing with customs is a PITA. I'm Canadian living in the US and relatives used to ask me to send stuff up for them and I just don't do it anymore). I don't know why people can't see my...
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    Does the LED on the STiR+ always stay on?

    The reflection in the windshield part is most relevant to me. My car has HUD, and I want to place the LED's in the HUD bezel so they intentionally reflect in the windshield near the HUD. Of course an always-on light is probably just not going to get installed.
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    Does the LED on the STiR+ always stay on?

    I set up my STIR+ on the bench the other day and it looks like the little solo LED stays lit all the time. Does anyone know if there's an option in the software to shut it off in its normal state, so it only lights when there's an alert or something? (I didn't hook up the software to check). I...
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    ALP Control Set PLUS & MOTO

    Ok. How much is it? and does it work with the HiFi control set, or is it an either/or kind of thing? ---------- Post added at 01:43 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:39 PM ---------- Actually, looking at that pic again, I think I was mistaken about the Moto kit... what I really want is...
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    ALP Control Set PLUS & MOTO

    Does anyone have this thing or more info on it? What pins do those leads go into?
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    ALP 5 head placement suggestions - BMW M4

    I haven't yet. My ALP has been delivered, but I'm still plotting and planning the install (Just got the car a week ago too...). Not exactly sure how I'm going to mount it all yet, but getting close.
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    Escort live direct wire - is there a way to kill the lights?
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    Moto control set with standalone button

    Does anyone have an more information on the AL Priority moto control set (the only place I see it is on the Canadian Store). Basically, it looks like it has a 3.5 mm out (like the hifi set) and a single momentary button that just looks like it's wired into an RJ45. Can we get this in the...
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    ALP 5 head placement suggestions - BMW M4

    So, do the three heads need to be installed aligned horizontally? Or can that center one be slightly higher?
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    ALP 5 head placement suggestions - BMW M4

    I think I would like to do a 3 head setup in my car as well... From some of the other posts in the forum here, this setup doesn't seem ideal though. It seems that with a 3 head setup, having them on the same horizontal plane is paramount. This setup clearly has the center head mounted a bit...
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    Using old iPhone 5S as Primary RD Display w/ Escort Live

    Do you carry a phone that can be used as a hotspot? That's all I can think of.