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  1. Kennyc56

    How many detectors do you own?

    Since I was just recently made fun of for my collection of detectors, I'm curious to see how many detectors the rest of you are hoarding, cough cough, own! I'll get the ball rolling. 5 R1's, 3 Redline-O's, 1 V1G2, 1 Bel RX65 S7, 1 CR97, 1CR95, 1CR85, 1 Pro 78SE, 1 Pro 78 Rev.C. Wow! That makes...
  2. Kennyc56

    Look at the care package I got today!

    As some of you know, I had a pretty bad accident at work about a week ago and hurt my leg very badly. I was really afraid it was broken. If it would have been it would have been my femur, and as most of you know that will put you out of work for a long period of time. The way that I make my...
  3. Kennyc56

    Here we go again! N.C. Testing 6/30/19

    Our last test went pretty damn good! @VariableWave was able to find some holes in @Th3 Factory Freak 's new ALP setup and test both of his jammer setups as well. We also tested his R7, my Redline-O, and my R1 against 34.7. Believe it or not, The Redline won! I should mention that my Redline is a...
  4. Kennyc56

    Wecome home to NC!

    Hey guys! It's been way too quiet around here lately! The Whistler section of the forum has gone to sleep! Here's a little something funny to wake you guys back up! I've always told everyone how hard core NC state troopers are, here is proof! A couple of weeks ago on our way back from Az. NC was...
  5. Kennyc56

    CR95 VS 34.7 N.C. Style! With a cameo from My R1.

    I was on my way home tonight when all of the sudden I get a strong KA alert! Of course, just like always it's I/O. It was far away enough that the CR95 didn't give me frequency the first couple of hits. Just for the Hell of it, I plugged in my R1 to verify the alert and BANG they both alerted...
  6. Kennyc56

    R1 1.37, R3 1.37, R3 1.46 and Redline-O, AKA the BIG DOGS! 11-4-18

    Here is the last part of @VariableWave's and my tests run on 11-4-18. We saved the best detections for last! First up, everyone has been wondering about the difference between firmware 1.37 and 1.46 in the R3 detectors, so we ran 2 different R3's head to head to find out! We ran them at the...
  7. Kennyc56

    3.872 V1 with KA Guard off vs. 3.8952 V1 with CS 11-4-18

    This a continuation of our recent test. This time we ran my old 3.872 V1 with KA Guard off against @VariableWave's 3.8952 V1 with custom sweeps. On this very hard off axis course with a dip in it, they came out pretty much dead even.
  8. Kennyc56

    CR95/85 Tests done 11-4-18

    These are the tests conducted by @VariableWave and me on the CR95 both on a long distance course and a very hard shorter course. As you will see the CR95 got it on the long course, held it for a couple of miles and turned it into a FDSR alert all the way back to the test car. For the rest of the...
  9. Kennyc56

    CR95 test results are mixed.

    As everyone who has read any of my Whistler posts knows , I am one of their biggest fans. I also own 2 R1's, a Redline-O, 3.872 V1, and several older Whistlers. We got our CR95 a couple of months ago and have really loved it! The last couple of times I drove Jane's car, I noticed that I was...
  10. Kennyc56

    3.872 vs. new V1 with custom sweeps and latest firmware. WTF?

    Let me start this by saying my 3.872 V1 was my first "real" detector. I got it brand new in Dec. 2010. It has saved my @ss more times than I can even count! @VariableWave and I tested all of our detectors this past Sunday with my new radar gun, a Genesis 2 35.5 that I just bought from him. We...
  11. Kennyc56

    Jane finally gets some 35.5 action with our CR95!

    Jane was on her way home from work today. She works in Greenville, N.C. She was about a mile or so from work when she got her first IO shot of 35.5! The trooper was shooting a car ahead of Jane because the ramp up is very fast. After he turns it off, the next hit she gets a few seconds later is...
  12. Kennyc56

    Shout out about Charles from Uniden!

    I am amazed that Charles would take the time to PM me about the screen issue I'm having with one of my R1's! I know he just joined up and has got to be very busy,yet he took the time to reach out to me about this very minor issue! If this is any indication on how he will conduct himself on the...
  13. Kennyc56

    Whistler CR95 long range alert ?

    The reason for the question mark is that I don't know why this trooper sat there for so long without popping another car after Jane got her alert. The other thing is she got her Ka alert just as another car goes by her. This CR95 has FDSR turned on,so as soon as it picks up a cobra or other...
  14. Kennyc56

    Best way to manually save or lock an alert

    Hey guys, I have scanned these dash cam threads and I can't find any thoughts on the best technique to use to lock in an alert after you capture it on your dash cam. Seems it is hit or miss every time I try to hit the lock button. Sometimes it will get it perfectly, others it skips it or goes...
  15. Kennyc56

    Whistler CR95 Not your Dad's ole' whistler!

    Let me start by saying that I am a long time Whistler user and supporter. My first one was the rev. c Pro78. Coming over from a cheap and worthless Cobra, I was blown away by it! It started saving my @ss right away from countless IO shots from all of N.C.'s finest! About a year or so later, the...
  16. Kennyc56

    Killer front and rear 34.7 hit,coming and going!

    It seems like every time I come to the forum I see a new thread about another R1 or R3 being a dud,or having all sorts of problems.I'm here to tell you that my R1 damn sure ain't one of them! On my way to work this morning, I had 2 rabbits ahead of me,the closest one being about a half of a...
  17. Kennyc56

    Anyone else with aftermarket exhaust having audio problems?

    Jane and I have been playing with an instant on camera for about a week now. In our honda's the audio sounds great,but in the Boss302 it sucks! You can't hear voices or really understand what we are saying,you just can make out the detectors alerting. Any advice? Plus,the car sounds great but...
  18. Kennyc56

    Just saying HI

    Hi, My name is Kenny.