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  1. OBeerWANKenobi

    Sold/Ended GovDeals Lot of 18 Laser Atlanta. Doraville, Georgia.

    Looks like there are 15 working units and a bunch of accessories. Anyone near Doraville, Georgia?
  2. OBeerWANKenobi

    I Preordered A Pixel 4a. Anyone Else Planning On Getting One?

    I've had my eye on the Pixel 5XL to replace my current company phone but alas, the camera finally died on my venerable screen-cracked Pixel 2 XL. I use the camera a lot and it will be a while before the Pixel 5 XL comes out so I have to come up with a solution for now. Last week I was looking...
  3. OBeerWANKenobi

    Auction GovDeals - Want to start a Kustom Signals Collection? A ProLaser ProLaser 2 A PR4 radar gun.
  4. OBeerWANKenobi

    Auction GovDeals Decatur Genesis 1 Fordland, Missouri

    Older gun but these are tough on some detectors, making them good for testing. Should be able to get it pretty cheaply.
  5. OBeerWANKenobi

    Auction GovDeals Lot of 6 MPH Python II South Carolina

    Assuming they are K band units based on the picture of the antenna? I don't own any MPH stuff so I'm a bit unfamiliar. I know they can come in 33.8 or K band.
  6. OBeerWANKenobi

    Auction Our Next GovDeals Group Buy? Police Helicopter!

    This thing is probably loaded with good stuff! Who's in!? LOL :roflolmao::razz:
  7. OBeerWANKenobi

    Auction GovDeals Florida Lot of 10 PL3 @thebravo Anyone in the neck of the woods that wants to pick these up? I could definatley use one and I'm sure a few others on here could too if they work. Also, seems like they offloaded these en-masse. Upgrading guns...
  8. OBeerWANKenobi

    Auto Profile Overide Announcement Spot On But Not Reverse Geocoding Announcement

    I've been running reverse geocoding for announcing county and state for some time now and always found it to lag quite a bit behind after crossing a border. I figured this was just the nature of the beast. Now that I've started running profile overrides however, I've noticed that those...
  9. OBeerWANKenobi

    Usefulness of 4k @ 30fps VS 1440p @ 60fps A129 Pro Duo

    So, after finding that the video quality at 30fps really wasn't a huge amount better on the 4K settings over the 1440p settings I've changed to 1440p @ 60fps. I'm thinking I like it better than 4K as it might be more useful to get stuff in frame. Has anyone else experimented with this and what...
  10. OBeerWANKenobi

    Auction Where's Waldo? Find Him In GovDeals Lot. Peoria Ill Hey look! A Kustom Falcon HR. :) Looks like there may be an extra handle there too.
  11. OBeerWANKenobi

    Sold/Ended GovDeals Overpriced Kustom ProLaser III 2 Lots

    Someone want to call Lt. Dyer and let him know that these go from $175 - $400 all day on eBay and that maybe he should lower his starting bid? What does...
  12. OBeerWANKenobi

    Feature Request: Profile Level Overide for "Auto Mode Change"

    I set up a profile override for my county that puts my G2 in Advanced Logic Mode along with some sweeps since I don't know of any K band threats here. When I'm out of the county though, I want it to default to "Logic Mode" instead as I never know where I'll be traveling and what the local...
  13. OBeerWANKenobi

    V1G2 Permanent Mount [Prototype]

    I've been running the V1G2 pretty happily in it's standard suction cup mount but there are some issues that keep me from loving it. First, my car's windshield is sloped enough that I have to push the V1 all the way to the front of it's travel in the mount. At that point it seems just about...
  14. OBeerWANKenobi

    V1G2 "Ghosting" Issue and "False Alarm" PT Issues Discussion.

    I found a local city LEO running C/O 34.7 yesterday while running the V1G2 and JBV1. On my way into down I was getting a weak signal that never strengthened and then suddenly stopped. As I got further into town I picked up the same frequency but just quickly and it was behind so I assumed he...
  15. OBeerWANKenobi

    Printed Adjustable TMG Holders [Prototype]

    I've just finished designing a TMG Version of the holders originally discussed here: I HAVE NOT TESTED THESE but assume they will work based on prior experience with the ALP versions. As long as "[Prototype]" is still in the title of this...
  16. OBeerWANKenobi

    Complete Request: Allow Removal of "SPOILER" Text From Spoiler Tags

    If it's possible, and not too much of a PITA, I'd like to be able to get rid of the "SPOILER" text on the spoiler tags to make them cleaner when using them as expandable frames. An example is in this thread: It would be cool if it only said...
  17. OBeerWANKenobi

    V1G2 Bench Testing K Band Reactivity

    I received my V1G2 today and took it to the test bench as soon as I got it out of the box. @Brainstorm69 did some more technical testing on K band reactivity using a Python and @GTO_04 and @DrHow did some live testing out in the field coming up with some interesting results with a Falcon HR...
  18. OBeerWANKenobi

    Auction GOVDeals Gulf Breeze, Florida: Stalker Lot Including 2 DSR

    @thebravo Anywhere near here? I'll go in on this if someone can check them out and pick them up!
  19. OBeerWANKenobi

    Hey........Where's Our Weekly Update?

    I'm jonesing over here. After all the initial teasers and now drip-fed insight into Theia, I feel like you guys owe me a fix. Come on, you know.........a little something for Valentines day? :spazface:
  20. OBeerWANKenobi

    Complete Suggestion: Move "Theme Switcher" Light Bulp Icon To The Other Side of the Search Button?

    I keep accidentally clicking the theme switch light bulb when going for my notifications. If it's not too much of a PITA, could we try running it to the right side of the search button? The search button is rather large and wide so I don't think it would risk many accidental clicks in that area.