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    ALP Locked in Parking Mode

    This has happened 2 times in the last 4 days leaving me unprotected for hundreds of kilometers and it's worrisome. During testing on Saturday my car wouldn't detect any laser from the rear, so I cycled my system and it was stuck in parking mode all day. Today after work I went to get some car...
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    ALP Bluetooth Module with HiFi Control Pad

    Today I was messing around in my car after ordering a phone mount. I installed it and opened up ALP Connect with Android Auto running. All alerts would quiet the radio, then alert. Whether I was using Sirius, YouTube Music or general radio the audio would quiet down upon alert. I'm going to run...
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    TMG and Older DET Variants

    Today my girlfriend got a PSL +16 ticket while running her TMG's. She was targeted with an older model DragonEye and it was IPT.. If you're in an area where these guns are used, be very cautious. All the heads react fine to laser and has been fine in the past. This was her first DragonEye...
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    Cutting Sensors Into Body Panels

    To those who do it, what tools do you use? I saw a very nice install by @VibeCarAudio last week and decided that I want to do it to my car. I've never really done fabrication but even if I screw up, it's only gonna cost me $40 tops. I'll be adding the TX sensor in the center of my Toyota logo. I...
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    Strange ALP Issue

    Back in summer 2016 I would get "automatic sensor check failed - F3" on super hot days, so I imagined the error was related to that. It stopped completely until just a few weeks ago. 2 weeks ago it was about 25°C and I got that sporadic error. I didn't think anything of it, haven't had a error...
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    Amateur Radar Review

    It's not terrible, but he's got a lot to learn. I don't like how he indirectly said JTG is fine.... And nobody likes the Redline?
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    Just thought I'd let my Canadian friends know that Walmart now sells Sugru! They're located in the arts and crafts section near the paint canvas'. They're around the same price as ordering it online and they're sold in packs of 3 which imo is super convenient and fair. In my experience it...
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    Edmonton Warzone

    I've been in Edmonton for almost 4 hours, where only about an hour and a half have been in the car. I've counted 7 DragonEye, and 2 MRCD encounters. All the usual spots, except one DragonCam overpass shot on Highway 2. This was Northbound just before the Henday. I hit it going a good speed, so...
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    External LED Fix

    Last year I wrecked my external LED installing it in my VW. It worked in the VW, but once I pulled it out again, no bueno. I tried to order one but kmph wants $29.99 + shipping which is too expensive for my liking. Anyways, this afternoon I was pretty restless so I thought I'd give the repair a...
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    Running NR DSP/Uniden R3 in Tandem

    I've seen a lot of good deals on the Uniden R3 lately and have wanted one since they were announced May 2017. It would likely be ran on K/Ka wide since those are both viable threats in my area. It's really hard to have K enabled on the DSP without being able to store the signal. I run my ALP's...
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    Calgary Testing

    So thinking about doing all the tests with TMG will have me on quite a time constraint. Instead of doing TMG and ALP on the same day, I'm now going to split them up into 2. I know there's a few people in Southern Alberta that need to be tested, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to...
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    *NEED GUNS* Looking for Everybody's Help

    Hey guys! I will be getting my hands on the new TMG jammer in the coming weeks. I'm hoping to get everybody's help with acquiring as many laser guns as possible. VPR/VPRR or not. A Stalker XLR is almost a must, and a few more DET guns, full size or not would be a giant plus. I of course will...
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    Firmware Update 5.4.6/7.7

    Latest Firmware version is now public and able to install. At the bottom of the email it says there's an update for the NR-DSP to help with MRCD detection. @BestRadarDetectors how do we get that update?
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    The Dangers of a Very Sensitive Detector

    So, a little back story on this situation: On Saturday morning I left my house at 7:30 or so to run some errands. I was merging off of one highway onto another, and a LEO was merging on as well from the opposite direction: Anyways, I was travelling well above the PSL, and I spotted his...
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    Max Not Alerting

    Hey guys! My girlfriend has been using my original Max for about 2 years now and she loves it! Recently she told me that it's only alerting her to RLC and speedcameras. Not even her lockouts are coming up on the screen. What's the first course of action you guys would take to troubleshoot? I'm...
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    New Calgary Photo Radar Trucks

    Calgary got some new photo radar trucks... Joy! Wonder how long until DragonEye pokes it's eye out within city limits
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    Net Radar Falsing

    Is this what you guys were seeing @Patton250 @ThreePedals6.2? I'm not sure if it's because of the cold or actually the update, but this whole week (temps around -25°C/-13°F) my Net Radar isn't even useable. I drove 40 miles this morning and it falsed like this the entire way. I've had to turn...
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    Backwards Compatibility of BlackVue

    Hey guys! I'm in the market for a new dashcam, and I'm probably gonna give BlackVue another shot with that new 4K camera. I've been pretty happy with the 650 series, and the only complaints I have are my camera not recording audio quite often, and pixelated plates. The quality of the 4k camera...
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    My Formal Introduction

    Hey there. After a short break from RDF, I had some time to think about past actions and reflect on my mistakes. Anger and knowledge got the best of me, which ultimately lead to my demise. I'd like to extend my apologies to all RDF staff for the situation back in May. I hope you guys welcome me...
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    TX Potential

    With Calgary Police targeting rear with laser more often than front now, I'm wondering how well the TX stacks against tricky guns while shot from elevation. I've only been shot with PL4 and Ultralyte from overpasses in Calgary and been fine, but the DragonEye overpass shots (Edmonton) have been...