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    London to sign photo radar contract with redflex At $5m for 2 installations, they are expecting a lot of tickets.
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    Happy Holidays Note the elimination of the "reasonable suspicion" burden of proof.
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    Escort Live Experiemce in Toronto

    Since Escort couldn't give me the number of escort live users in Ontario, I signed up for the trial and drove around Toronto on a busy Friday. No alerts from escort rd users. It had alerts you can find in Waze and Highway Radar and i did find a few radar traps. As I suspected, they don't...
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    Stinger's MRCD detection range

    With photo radar coming back to Ontario, I was wondering what the detection range would be. Can anyone comment? I know they have it out west or in Quebec.
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    Steathliness of Netradar

    Is anyone aware of any improvements to the stealthiness of this unit. The latest results seem to be from Vortex in 2018 showing a detection range of about 20 feet and a cone approximately 10 degrees off-axis. Alternatively, has anyone had encounters with Spectre?
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    Anyone know of Perspex962 suppliers in Canada

    I live in the Toronto area and want to make my ALP installation stealthy. Thanks, in advance.
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    Ontario Winter/ Summer Weather Durability

    Are there any Ontario, Canada drivers that can report the number of years that they have been running ALP. I run the next best competitor system that might have a problem with the seals degrading in our weather conditions. I posted a thread and i seem to be the only one running the system in...
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    Laser head visibility in non-legal state/province

    I noticed that the heads are a decent size to be noticeable. Has anyone had any questions about the heads during a non-speeding roadside stop (e.g. RIDE program, safety check, accident)? I am aware of the reasonable suspicion criteria but once the heads are noticed, reasonable suspicion...
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    Laser System Failure Rate Poll

    Firstly, i am happy with the radar hardware and the vision of the system. I was just wondering if people have had failure in their laser systems? Since i don't have access to failure rates, i was wondering if others on this forum have had similar experiences. It seems like my unit fails after...
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    Dragon Eye in Ontario Canada

    Just wanted to report that my Stinger was effective defeating Dragon Eye in the north Toronto area. LEO was looking at me until he got the reading. He was looking down at his gun when i passed, so i assume that the Lidar has some vectoring issues.
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    Laser Alert Falsing - Tru Speed 5

    Anyone else have this issue. I just noticed tonight that my Stinger was falsing on lidar. It was dark and falsing "Tru Speed 5" every time i saw an oncoming headlight and even when there was no oncoming traffic but a car in front of me. The trip lasted 35 minutes with false alerts the whole...
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    Direction and Rear Detection Messed Up

    Any thoughts? I approach a stationary k band speed sign and the Stinger correctly shows it as ahead. When next to it, it shows directions on both sides and none ahead. After passing it, it continues to show the k band ahead. It seems like it is treating the rear antenna the same as the...
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    Stinger Display Substitution

    Has anyone tried to connect the display to a third-party touch screen? I'm not sure if it is proprietary but it seems possible that the hdmi connection could be generic. If possible, i might switch out the BMW display with something else - any suggestions? Even better, has anyone tried to...
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    Does Laser Jamming Alert Law Enforcement

    I am almost finished installing my new Stinger Radar + Laser but have been playing with it sitting on the dash. The detection range seems quite good. I am planning on setting the laser jamming to 2 seconds but was wondering if this was enough to alert law enforcement that they were still being...